Why have we stopped the trust of elites?

Because the word “elite” is now used to indicate “the others”, preferably as vague as possible.Sometimes by people you with the dictionary definition of elite in hand, until the elite would let it belong (as long seated members of the Chamber, as Geert Wilders…)

Furthermore, many top industrials and top bankers have fallen through the basket as crooks….

Has there ever been ‘ automatic ‘ trust in groups?

I don’t see the logic.’ Elites ‘ are a certain part of a grouping, which is ‘ elevated ‘ above the rest. In my opinion, there has been no time in the whole history of the human population on earth that there was automatically ‘ confidence ‘ in elites. Fear, domination, distrust… Oh wait… That is the opposite of trust. Elites does not equate to ‘ honest dignitaries ‘. We have never stopped, but because of the ever broader communication possibilities, everyone knows more and more about each other.

The elites have the social peculiarity to sit close to political power, with the tendency to ensure the survival and protection of the elite, which the politics are all too eager to facilitate on the ladder of the Eliten Rise.The sowing of moral indignation is a very pro-benefit.

The whole MeToo debate is initially an elite debate that instrumentalizes the whole non-elitist world to whining with what the cell abs have undergone with deep d茅collet茅s on high heels of horror.It is, of course, remarkable that certain people believe that they are allowed to squeeze in the buttocks and elsewhere. The fact that a debate would be needed is rather absurd. Good, join the elite!

You can imagine that many people have tobacco from this popular selling by a handful of elitist moral knights of the canal Belt.Jan with the CAP has never been unasked in the buttocks of a clean lady pinched, the thought alone, too absurd for words! Flutes by this Jan is of a completely different order!

The elites are very often employers and everywhere it is more with less.People are being squeeted, the burnouts are no longer counting. Instead of addressing the problem of too many people’s demands, one really thinks that a course to deal with stress, yoga or a trip improves something. People need less pressure.

Everyone knows and sees that the psychiatric centres are overcrowded because of work-related disorders.The elite that can change that, refuses to address that problem. People are not stupid.

What is Elite anyway?It is often associated with the cr猫me de la cr猫me. I have served all my life in an “elite” unit. Many of my colleagues were really convinced that they were elite. But when I made some of them aware that their interpretation of the job did not really give me the impression that it had something to do with elite, they were baffled. Elite is a mindsetting. It can, for example, describe the degree of specialization and its mastery. But elite should never be a statute. And elite can be found everywhere. In all layers of the population. But to come back to that paracommando happen. Para commands are no elite. They are just highly specialized soldiers. Underneath you have outshines and highly skilled people. They could call you elitist just like a very skilled gunner and by extension plumber, bookkeeper, politician etc. can be elitist. But eventually that image is fed by how others think about it. I never claimed to have served in an elite unit. Outsiders, on the other hand, almost always said when I told me that I was a para command: “Ah Yes, you’re in the elite!” So wrong!

Real Elite (mindsetting) should you trust, alleged elite (statute) on the other hand?

The late Etienne Vermeersch heard me as the elite.He would have been the first to deny that.

We just trust in another elite.This happens occasionally in history.

Christianity: We no longer relied in the pagan elite

Enlightenment: We no longer relied on the religious elite

By the American Energieloby paid trolls: we no longer relied in the academic elite

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