Why have pyramids built around the world in the past?

Yeah that’s very easy.All those mountains have been created for a purpose. To be seen. As grave or status symbol.

The bigger your building the more impressive it is. But without the modern things we have you like steel and concrete is to make a tall tower very difficult.

So the higher you come the harder it is.

Now in Egypt the Pyramids are not 1 2 3 as we know them.

A Unique example of early pyramid development in Egypt, this was the second pyramid Built By Sneferu.

Bent Pyramid

This is one of the first pyramids and as you see it is not beautiful.

But in the end it only has to do with what is sturdy and what is not.

And a large triangle or mountain is now the best option.

Pyramids in Saqqara

Pyramids in Giza

Pyramids in Meroe

One of the best preserved ziggoerats, Iran

Pyramids in Xixia, Ningxia, China

El Castillo (Kukulcè°©n pyramid), in Mexico

The Pyramid of Cestius, Rome

The Pyramide of Austerlitz in 1805

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