Why has libertarianism barely gotten on the ground in the Netherlands?

In the 20th century the Netherlands generally tended to socialism.Libertarianism is more or less an opposite. The government becomes very small, and the social safety net would disappear almost entirely. I personally think it’s rather extreme, and if you combine this with the current capitalist system, very dangerous. The distribution between rich and poor grows considerably. Libertarianism would place the growth of inequality in a train acceleration and even claim that it is good. It reminds me of Social Darwinism, which is more or less a belief that only the strongest existence is right. With the strongest one means in libertarianism the richest.

I think that libertarianism has barely been on the ground, because the Dutch do not want to live in a Graai culture where one neighbor is impostation because the other neighbor is ruthless.

Anyway, maybe that some rich stinkers can convince the Dutch people that we are all rich stinkers who are born and stuck in the body of ‘ n pauper, and that if we deregulate everything that they can be who they are deeply Inside.Like in America, where people vote against their own interest. It Is very easy to underestimate human naivety.

Libertarianism has not really got any foot on the ground.Libertarianism contains 芒 鈧?艙rechtse芒 鈧?and 芒 鈧?艙linkse芒 鈧?elements. However, the majority of voters choose the total legal package or package of links. For example, Liberarians want to abolish taxes and a full free market. However, they are also for legalising all drugs and against state control over immigration. In the USA they are for free weapon possession but also for the right of Homo芒 鈧劉 s to marry.

It is about positions that are badly linked to most people because most people are left or right and endorse the corresponding range of views.In addition, most, on the right and left, want the state to actively use its powers to enforce their values. Liberarians reject any State interference. Whether this is about drugs, taxes, immigration or economic interference.

Because we have already been once.

The Republic of the United Netherlands was a libertarian dream: a very weak (and small) government that left everything to the entrepreneurs (especially the colonial entrepreneurs of the VOC).Initially, those people were very creative and innovative, but their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who inherited their money were clearly less. The Republic of the 18th century thus became increasingly in decline. Nothing could be changed. The regents had it for the saying and those did not want a change for they were treasure and that had to remain above all so.

Eventually the backward Netherlands was incorporated by Napoleon and the English went to the end with all the colonies.

Lesson: There must be a (powerful) government that serves the public interest.Not: Only the Private 漏-importance of the 芒 鈧?虄important 芒 鈧劉 people.

The Dutch have been a collectivist attitude for centuries.This is because we live in a very small and densely populated country. As a comparison, the metropolitan area of Los Angeles is twice as large and less densely populated.

Yes, the Netherlands is actually a gigantic city state with multiple urban centers and the accompanying suburban and rural region芒 鈧劉 s fragmented between these major centres (Amsterdam-Almere, Rotterdam-The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven-Helmond, Arnhem-Nijmegen, Groningen-Assen, Twente etc)

Urban centres are very left around the world.It is therefore not strange that the Netherlands as a whole has a left and progressive approach. People live close to each other and get a collectivist approach to them. The space on the right is therefore filled by liberalism.

Liberalism resembles libertarianism in that it seeks freedoms and descends from classical-liberal ideas from, for example, John Locke, but has a more collectivist approach, which relies more on the public interest and does not shy the government.Libertarianism is simply right for his turnip and principled: freedom for the individual is seen as the highest good. Because of the lack of collective thinking there is hardly anyone who calls themselves libertarian in the Netherlands, and I suspect that a majority of the population does not even know the term.

Real freedom only exists when this is allowed and as long as the elite wants to maintain a control with the government, this will never be achieved.The government is not what you see and hear, its depth lies in the service of the seal of the Middle Ages.

Fifa la Liberta!!

Because it’s linked to half soles.

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