Why has anti-matter been wiped out in the early universe?

The anti-matter is possible (largely) in an anti-universe, where time goes in opposite direction.An idea that I just thought, more for fun, but still with moderate enthusiasm, a year or 10 ago and where I, slowly but steadily, continued to pursue something.

Some explanations and explanations:

(Do not want to go too much on details, because then it becomes even longer, but also more complex.;-})

(And also in parentheses, Star Trek looked and I look as good as never, because usually too implausible.A lot of fiction, little science, to my liking than;-), but just recently found out that some sort of mirror universe idea has ever been found. :-/)

Spontaneous symmetry refraction or something in that direction is a possible explanation, but I personally find unsatisfactory.;-) And mutual annihilation of matter and anti-matter could well explain a part of the extremely rapid expansion of the very young universe, of which we can now still observe the microwave-background radiation.

But a possible anti-universe could explain an enormous amount of current riddles, such as, apart from the disappeared anti-matter, also dark energy and dark matter, the bizarre quantum phenomena (e.g. vacuum polarizations, confusion and the Wave particle duality), black holes, gravity (in general) and much more.;-)

I figured out that it would not be unlikely when anti-matter (the name says it all) would tend to travel back in time.First to a possible T ~ 0 (Big Bang) singularity, but why be trapped there and not form a mirror universe? With a strong interaction, as ‘ Branen ‘ that are on an extremely short distance (think of the level of Planck values and quantum gravity) are on each other and cause quantum fluctuations.

You could actually see it as a single universe, with a positive and negative half (or possibly even just pulsing in the/a time, as a ‘ seeming-parallel univerum ‘).

The second main law of thermodynamics is also not in dispute, at least, from our point of view, because everything runs synchronously.Because of the (specular) interaction and in reality the ‘ Big Bang ‘ as the final destination of the Mirror universe, which is as a kind of gelatin with ours connected, this results in an infinitely closed loop, of which future and past for both in ‘ Broad lines ‘ are fixed. That sounds like a contradiction in terms, but therefore for possibly an important part explains the peculiar behaviour of the elementary particles. And our universe is in fact (retroactive) created by the anti-universe, so that problem has therefore been solved. 😉

Incidentally, this does not take away all uncertainty, and it remains a kind of ‘ probability universe ‘, where coincidence is limited, because in broad lines everything is fixed, but there also, connected as a kind of spider web, differences between Are.

Our reality then consists of what I call ‘ quantum condensation ‘, as an explanation for the collapse of the probability wave.This ‘ clumping ‘, or quantum condensation is the perception (or determination), and thus ensures that a part becomes very short our reality, because this is held here and forms our (macro) reality, in order to end up again in superposition. Conversely, you could say that we define/create our reality by always holding particles through ‘ perception ‘ in our (positive) universe. This repeating process is obviously so fast that we are not aware of it. 😉

Initially so just a weird idea, as a semi-joke, but one of my predictions was, that when an anti-particle would emerge, this would have to lapse slightly faster/disappear than the normal particle, because it, shortly through the bend, Does not belong in this universe.This is exactly what seems to happen, shortly thereafter appeared from experiments in particle accelerators, OA with B-Meson pairs, of which the anti-particle disappears slightly faster. This made my eyebrows all light frown. 😉

Cautiously, during a lecture on the UT about dark matter and dark energy, I did an attempt to suggest this idea afterwards, with the expectation that it would not be taken seriously, but was given a hard-hitting disposable gesture, which I had not expected again.Temporarily the fun was here, until Oa came out.. :-

$CPT $

And: New Search for Mirror neutrons AT Hfir

Welcome to the Mirror universe in which time goes backwards and everything is made up of antimatter


Matter-antimatter asymmetry is a very important theme in physics.

There is no solution to this problem among physicists. This asymmetry violates fundamental physical concepts such as “CP symmetry” and “Baryon number”. It is an unsolved problem of physics and science. Some scientists think there are areas where only antimatter is present instead of matter. Research is still ongoing.

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