Why don’t the stars just fall to the bottom of the universe?

Outside earth-atmospheres are all owners, as long as no alien here as owner, with certificates, etc.shows.

The brain’s producer was lipid (fat, multivitamin B) eating more walnuts, maybe you’ll come up with it yourself.🙂 Otherwise assistance:

World = Universe, Cosmos = order, can do without man.

Neither elephant nor oversized hands hold Planet Earth.

Man (creator = author) created the names of the celestial bodies from the earth.

Ancient constellations, including polar stars, are no longer right for orientation.

Tradition is not a factual report.

Hi 9,9 He makes the Great Chariot in the sky, and the Orion, and the Seven-star, and the stars of the South.

Chronicle of time (calendar works, local time) unknown, were only 7 months, which later became 7 days.

Celestial bodies, space around them, have no cells, are not born, do not die.

Stardust consists of crystals, amorphous solids and molecular chains, do not have the same strength, the same composition as stars.

Playing with Alphabet

Aretalogy is a form of sacred biography that has little to nothing in common with laws of nature, with valid law.

Ar = Area dimension

Aramaeans were also in India in antiquity.

Are, Aree, Area (area, area) World view sky disk, so rather area, area (Are, Aree, Area) with vault, was once

Aret = Egyptian Certificate, Papyros

Arete = Greek, in antiquity virtue.Kat’ aret n goodness () (outdated ideas of Aristotle on character traits.Understanding is outdated. Mar-arete. Romans did not knew in ancient times g. Mar = sanskrit way. Margarete is persich Tauperle, Latin pearl. Ancient idea: Beads become pearls.

Aretz (hebr.Land, also earth, ore, soil, good) is reality but also desire (heb. Razon)

__Etz is the heb.Word for tree

_Retz = Moisture

Pays de Rez茅”Land of Rez茅”) Rez茅 (French) Swampland, floodplain

“Rezze” (Slavic r’ica, means “small river”

Got – (Gothic, Wulfia) Ore/Iron = Good = God (Pour indogermaisch)

Liberal Rabiners (legal scholars) are God (not above ground, personified).

TozEret = (heb.) Create

TozAr (Heb.) Product.These are legally goods.

LechapEss (search),

refers to hebr, Aretz (land/earth) and mecholEll (producer)

  • The reason here is respective good (ground, estate) with land register entry.

Goods can be deduced from this.

  • Owner is legally, both owner, tenant, tenant, as well as the thief.
  • Landowner, with land register entry, area size Ar, belongs to the respective piece to earth core, to top infinite
  • Restriction: Groundwater does not belong to the owner of a property alone.
  • It must not contaminate groundwater. He must allow air traffic above the ground. Except drones.

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