Why don’t most ad campaigns on Facebook bring in paying customers?

There are many factors that should be in place in a Facebook ad campaign.

I will appoint some.Starting with how to create an ad.

  1. “Promote Post”: This is where many people go wrong.

Promoting a post does nothing but.. Promote your post. In short, Facebook provides “engagement/engagement” on your post. Likes, comments, shares, etc. It therefore looks nice, but often gets few customers in return. This is because FB shows your post to those who are known by FB as people who have a lot of liken, responding and sharing. These are not always the same people as people who will become your customer..

  • Right advertising objective: When creating an ad campaign through the Ads manager, you should choose a goal first.
  • Each objective has its own function. Function as described in the objective. This ensures conversion goals for conversions. So work with them for paying customers. Then choose what conversion target you want to achieve (purchases, leads, etc.)

  • Target group: A lot of made mistake here is that one makes the target group too small.
  • Fb often works better if there is some space in the target group so that they can make choices about who is or is not suitable to show the advertisement (here they are good at it).

  • Advertisement: Take care of an advertisement the attention grabs, explains what exactly you offer and what condition this has for someone.
  • Call 2 Action: This is the action you want someone to undertake.
  • Make sure this is very clear and not complicated. Anyone asking to call or email is too complicated (many local companies do this mistake).

  • Landing page: Important to ensure that an ad goes to a page that matches what you’re discussing in the ad.
  • So no general homepage or overview page.

  • Offer/Sacrifice: This is always the most important.
  • Make sure you offer something that’s appealing. Everything can be correct, but if you offer something unattractive, overpriced and to the wrong people (for whom it is irrelevant) then it will never work. Conversely, a good offer can work while you are doing the rest…

  • Pixel: Facebook has a Facebook pixel.
  • This keeps track of what someone does on your website and here learns the algorithm of. For instance, FB can better decide who is or is not good to show your ads (with the conversion goal in mind that you have chosen.)

    In short, hope nuance and much more than described above..

    More info I recently joined through this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/…

    The chance that someone who is active on Facebook directly buys something from an advertisement is reasonably small.This has to do with the intent with which someone is active on the platform. There will occasionally be impulse purchases, but in principle it is very rare that someone who sees an advertisement of a particular product for the first time decides to buy immediately.

    This will cause two things to happen:

    1. Advertisers who don’t know this will continue to promote direct sales ads that no one buys because they are not interested, for example, in the product or the provider does not know/trust or at that time are not able to buy for any reason whatsoever.
    2. Advertisers who do advertise this with the aim of being interested in their product/service but not selling them directly.

    They know that they can better focus first on winning confidence than directly pushing the product.

    Hopefully this will help you a little further!If you would like to talk further or also have other Facebook related questions, you can join my Facebook group on social media marketing!Here I am active daily and I answer (or someone else from the group) your questions faster!

    Greeting and success with it!

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