Why don’t many people see the leap of evolution that nature has made (photos can be found in the answer)?

If this is not proof of an evolutionary leap right before our eyes.The home ducks change the dress. The females become white, the boys attract the “little black” with d√©collet√©’ . There are pustules big like my hand plate, black bees, very bright flowers from our native “weed” and completely modified plants such as moss which looks like coral. It is wonderfully cool there and my dogs like to rest there….

Beautiful to watch, every year a little more.This year there has been a real explosion in wildlife seems to me… .

Mother Nature has made an update.That is clear!

So it’s time to remember that we too are a natural being, in a body perfected for millions of years, and that we really don’t need anyone to know what is for this and for ourselves- which includes the well-being of the whole, that is best … . Those who can reflect and observe themselves, feel at home and comfortable in their body, pay attention to their needs and signals.

I would like to say:

Evolution does not care about dogmatic science.I’m taking place. With or stop without us.

And again, man is waiting for an OK. from…?… Yes, by whom? We no longer believe in religions. Now we believe in science because it (for us?) knowledge. I don’t think so anymore. I feel, feel, breathe, smell, taste, hear, see, taste in the moment and only then do I think, respectively. I take my thoughts seriously.

In this way, the mind is used very prolificly and vividly as an analyst of my sensory experiences, and creates with a precise and comprehensive picture of a situation.

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