Why don’t many people actually use the default Web browser? Which webbrower do you use?

I usually use chrome, even though I have been using Firefox for a long time and sometimes Opera.Internet Explorer? Only on PCs that I could not install extensions on. Why? This meme shows the best of the problem with it:

So now no one has any more confidence in Microsoft that they could build a good browser, so no one uses Edge.

Even though Edge is not very bad. The reputation hangs:

And then people are going to ridicule:

But, as I said, Edge is not that bad long.

Apparently, it’s one of the few browsers that Netflix doesn’t limit to 720p.

Confirmed: Only Microsoft Edge will play Netflix content at 1080p on your PC

What is the default Web browser?

Previously (long long ago) there were only a few web browsers and had little choice.You often had to install them yourself. I even remember that I built one myself in C++ or Delphi, not the best, but just because it could.

I own a Macbook and the 芒 鈧?艙standard 芒 鈧?web browser is Safari.In addition, I have a virtual environment running on Windows at work. There I can effectively only run an old version of Internet Explorer.

It is 芒 鈧劉 m the most in which browser you are most.I think it’s nice to use the same browser in every place, whether it’s at work or at home. Unfortunately, Safari is not. I’ve found it for Windows, but it’s so integrated with OS X that you’re missing benefits on a Windows environment. This also applies to Internet Explorer.

What remains about is the third party Web browser that you need to install.Features that are most commonly used in my environment are Firefox and Chrome.

Since I do some other things with my Google account (YouTube, Gmail, Drive) I chose Chrome myself.

However, it pays to have multiple Web browsers.When using certain websites, it is sometimes not possible to use all functionality based on the possibilities offered by the Web browser. For instance, I was unable to manage my event in Eventbrite with Chrome last year. By Google’s choices some Scripts that turned into Eventbrite went wrong. And I could get this in Safari for each other. What you’ll miss is the functionality of an integrated environment like Google that offers.

It remains a personal choice, but make sure that your browser is easy to upgrade and that security features exist.A super-old Internet Explorer on a virtual Windows environment is not the best choice then.

I use Chrome on my Windows computer.Usually works slightly more pleasant as Edge/Internet Explorer.
On my Apple I use standard Safari, also on my iPhone.I have Chrome on both of them.

The reason why I’m using Windows Chrome is the same as why Microsoft is going to use the Chrome rendering engine: The current view of Edge is not quite right.
Incidentally, I also used a time Firefox for a very specific plugin.

People who don’t use the default browser often make a conscious choice, whether for quality, or for privacy reasons.

Do you mean Internet Explorer or Edge?Because they are both junk and are not as good as Firefox or Chrome. Edge is already much better than Internet Explorer but they are still not that good in terms of stability and reliability as Firefox and Chrome. I use Firefox most often, I use Chrome only for downloading large files since Firefox can’t handle it well.

Why don’t many people actually use the default Web browser?

There are of course many reasons for this.ICT professionals who are better acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of browsers will make choices based on the differences. For website builders, not using the standard supplied browser is almost not an option, but not using other browsers either. After all, there are small differences between browsers that can lead to radical problems in the operation of a website. If you don’t try it out for a website you’ve built, you’ll get a lot of misery poured over you by users as soon as the site goes online. For many 芒 鈧?艙gewone芒 鈧?users The reason is often advice from acquaintances who in their eyes are better acquainted with software. Also news articles about the security issues of the standard browsers with accompanying advice for safer browsers leads to the choice for non-standard browsers. Furthermore, you still have the well-known radicals, who do not want to participate in the pack and then also the haters who do not want to use the standard browser because it is owned by the company they hate. And that’s just a small grasp of the motives that people may have to not go by default. Even the advice of banks can lead to the use of non-standard browsers.

I myself use multiple browsers, just because it can, but also because it keeps you flexible through the different interfaces and because some actions in one browser can not and in another.Also because at some point I had multiple online e-mail accounts that could not run simultaneously in the same browser, but could be active in different browsers at the same time. Nowadays that is no longer a problem, but a few years ago you could have just two accounts online in the same browser. One in a plain and one in a private window.

For Netflix/Vimeo other streams: Edge

For work-related tasks: Chrome

Private: Firefox

Firefox along with the Ublock Origin plugin is fine for browsing YouTube and social media.

Chrome has so many useful plug-ins for the software that many companies use that I work with.That I can’t really ignore it.

Edge and streaming works very nicely I like. A while back was the only one that played Netflix at the highest resolutions.Since then I have actually stayed there.

Once there were great performance differences but nowadays it is just fine for the average user.

@User-13236025839879124874 named Waterfox.That try to:) from the weekend.

Why do I use Chrome.. Simple answer.. Android phone.. Everything runs synchronized with each other

Usually Brave.The only browser that really takes privacy seriously. In addition also Firefox.

The Microsoft stuff is generally moderately programmed and prone to hacks and viruses.Google software is better and faster.

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