Why does the smartest animal live on land and not in the sea?

Is now perhaps a little overdone, and my own definition, but:

The smartest animal LIVES in the sea!

Octopus, octopuses, squid….In short: cephalopods.

Highly intelligent, and you don’t really know why.

The intelligence of the cephalopods contradicts all logic.

Intelligence, according to conventional criteria:

A big brain

Lack of food, and the compulsion to stockupise

Social fabric


The passing on of what has been learned to the descendants.

Apart from a big brain, the first seam of the seas actually have none of it.And “the brain” is actually wrong: cephalopods have up to 8 of them. One in each gripper arm.

The lack of other characteristics is the reason for me to call them the smartest animals.

Koffüßler build tools on a small scale, they use tools they absolutely do not know, and can even open complex pipe fittings.

WITHOUT that who has shown them, they have no parents, no community that does that to them.They discover it for themselves. AND in a relatively short time, often they only have 1 year before they die.

It’s like a person is about 18 years old, at most, just old enough to produce enough offspring.And in time without guidance discover the fire, discover the cultivation of plants, domesticate animals, build the pyramids, and invent airplanes.

Or, in general, things that make life easier and more comfortable and protect against enemies.

Mysterious adaptability: What lies behind the intelligence of the squid – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Science

A rather famous octopus created a stroke of genius: Inky.

It is stormed from an aquarium in New Zealand.The course of his escape can only be explained by logical, pre-planning thinking: Inky has interpreted this hole in the ground correctly, as an access to a drain, to the way to freedom.

New Zealand: The Incredible Escape of Inky, the Octopus – WORLD

You can count…

Animal Intelligence: Squids Can Count

They have different personalities: their reaction to stimuli and stimulations is unpredictable: shy, curious, playful…

Behaviour: Smart octopuses

And the most astonishing thing is that the comrades change their RNA!

Molecular Biology: Why are squids just so smart?

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