Why does the narcissist always seem to win everything?

The narcissist seems to win because the person affected by the narcissist is easily in the victim role.Victims are by definition the loser. It is therefore of great importance not to linger in the role of the victim. This is basically due to self-examination. By knowing which deficiencies have led themselves to leave with the narcissist. Sometimes it is important to seek psychotherapeutic help for this.

Because it is a narcissist. A narcissist is self-centered and full of himself.At least, it seems. Often, the narcissist has an inferiority complex and has been taught (unconscious) to be a “survival mechanism”. He always seems to win because, he always put the blame down to the other.

I found this on a site about narcissism and I know from my own experience by a toxic relationship with a narcissist:

As Soon As you show the narcissist that he gets you out of balance, as soon as you show the narcissist that you are frustrated by his behavior, the narcissist knows that he is giving you in his power.He will continue to suck energy from you. In fact, the behavior of the narcissist is exacerbated after you show a reaction to the narcissist every time. The narcissist wants to win at any cost. DMV manipulation, lies, humiliation, hurting etc etc

As soon as you stop responding, 芒 鈧?”eventually stops 芒 鈧? the sucking behavior of the narcissist.

Appearances can cheat.

I didn’t know my ex narcissist was.As soon as I knew that, I asked nothing more, and never responded.

I have to say otherwise, I didn’t know then that he was a narcissist, I only knew he wasn’t mentally normal, and with that I knew that talk didn’t make sense.

It may seem that he wins everything, but it doesn’t have to be so.

Make sure you have proof!!!




Because what he is going to do once you know who he is is to make you black everywhere.Tell all lies about you.

Lies so that no one wants to listen to you anymore.Lies to get sympathy from their next victims.

But if you have evidence, it is clear who is right, and who is making someone black to look like the victim.

I have mountains with proof.Where it is clear that he promised me a traditional relationship, and said he wanted to.

I PL DV He has behind my back to s with everyone he has ever suggested to me.Men and women. Really everyone, including all his collega芒 鈧劉 s and CEO of the company he works for.

There was no end, and it is worse than you can ever imagine.He had a secret drop box of work, where all the men placed Foto芒 鈧劉 s of their conquests in. Thousands!!!! Rows of men. And also women.

Proof evidence.

That’s all I can say.

Do your research without suspecting that you suspect that things are not as he says and does occur.

Otherwise, it’s much harder to get proof, if he thinks you’ve watched it.

If you find out without being stuck to him, save your pennies, and make it right.Try not to go into discussion, because that makes no sense.

He can’t feel real love like you and me. How much therapy he also gets, that feeling he will never get.Even though he says to get help, he will never change.

The only thing that changes is that he gets better at hiding all his cheating.Mine had 4 phones. Two of them with the same Nr. I didn’t even know it existed.

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