Why does the day have 24 hours and not, for example, 36?

I want to bring here an aspect that you may never have considered.In Class 2, our teacher asked

” Why do we only have ten digits and write numbers [in the decimal system as a packet of ten?The 12 has a lot more dividers. “

” Moni ” reports

” The advantage of the tens is the value system; One, ten, hundreds … “

” Brav Moni … “

Suddenly I have one of my super ingenious ideas; it was really just the idea.Syntax and vocabulary to formulate my objection, I still lacked in Class 2.

” I do not see how far the 10 should be excellent as a base before the 12 or any other number; why don’t we switch to the Twelve right away?”

I was an employee in a World Electronics Company; No one really took the boss ” Martin ” seriously, because he was professionally fully incopent and when one complained, fully helplessly agreed with the decisions of the lower level.

But that wasn’t his job; in reality, our department put him in a deep crisis.Martin, as a lawyer, was only appointed on an interim basis with the task of reversing the immorality of copying with an iron brooms. There were gentlemen who believed in earnest, for the money they save the company through the data theft, they are admired and promoted by the board …

As a lawyer, Martin was also a brilliant psychologist; and then I told him the above anecdote of Fr. Russ and Moni from class 2

” Mr. T; even today I could bite into my own tail that I was tedwithting my historic opportunity back then.Report me and ask Ms. Russ what is against Base 12. “

” Dr. I think this can be clarified.Her teacher would not have missed her question at all; I’m sure … “

Do you know what the binary octal and witch system is in IT and why you use it?

For example, for base 12 you would only have to introduce two new digits

10 Dezi = A Dutz ; 11 Dezi = B Dutz ; 12 Dezi = 10 dutz

For example for ” 33 , 34 , 35 , 36″ you would have to consistently invent the words in the 12_ system

” twenty-nine, twenty-ten, twenty-eleven, thirty.”

Consider using the number notation in the 12_er system that this is true.

Reminds us of the way Pippi Longstocking counts her gold pieces

” ninety-nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine, ninety-nine, ninety … “

The only reason why we stack numbers – even number WORDS – in tens is due to our ten fingers – the 12_er system really offers more dividers.And SO MUCH more 1 X 1 you wouldn’t have to learn.

1/2 = 0.6 , 1/3 = 0.4 , 1/4 = 0.3 , 1/6 = 0.2 , 1/8 = 0.16 , 1/9 = 0.14

Yes, good; say you say the day has 36 h – what shalls?Historically, there is the division that still prevails today in the Anglo-Saxon lands. The day has only twelve hours; however, a distinction is made between ” am ” and ” pm “

Only with the industrialization orthe frz. Revolution was said, if the day counts after 24 h, it would only be consistent if the time counts from 0 h – 24 h .

Here, however, there is a historical model borrowed from the great Greeks.the projection of the geographical longitudes ===> Meridians to the sky vault means ===> rectal censorship . the right ascension is NOT measured from 0 – 360 掳 , but as TIME from 0 h – 24 h

===> Star time===> Hour angle

you should be quietly smart, which, unlike Star Day, is the true and the middle sunny day.

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