Why does the AfD have nothing against immigration from Asia?

Syria is NOT in Asia?Really? Or most of Turkey? Or Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, etc??

Asia is more than just China and Japan and Korea.

There is a small town nearby.A district is populated by migrants.

Most of them remain among themselves.

They speak no or only bad German.

They are often strictly religious: in the case of older people, one often sees that the woman walks 3 steps behind the man.The women wear headscarves, younger girls no longer, but they are not allowed to wear “excitable clothing”, no trousers, skirts at least knee-length. Flat shoes, simple hairstyle.

Mixed sport is rejected, because of “lead in temptation”.Multi-day school trips are frowned upon, sex education is devil’s stuff.

For quite a while, young men in particular stood out for their increased aggressiveness.But they did not have so much to do with religion, but they drank a lot, and defended their precincts by force. In one case, they demanded “way inches” from a young German couple. The couple had been unsuspectingly entering their precinct on a walk.

The man was beaten half dead and the woman raped several times.Because this could not be kept under lock and view, it emerged that the crime statistics for the region had been kept under lock and loop. Precisely because these people were regularly noticed, especially for crimes against physical integrity: beatings, attempted homicides, rapes.

In fact, one should think, THE negative example of poorly integrated, violent migrants, which should be expelled as soon as possible.

But it didn’t work.And in the last Bundestag election, the AfD became the strongest party in one of its constituencies with over 70%….

German Russians are like that. So a lot.Not all of them, of course. But they are just important for the AfD, there can and must not be said against them.

Besides, these are also “good” Christians.And no “musel” and “camel drivers”.

The AfD is not concerned with origin, willingness to use violence, or anything else.It’s just about religion. And THEY don’t even really understand them, but rely on one-page reports from people who know people who have read the Koran. So “Koran”. The inscription on the cover.

The asylum seekers, the refugees of the last few years, are there for another reason: they are the weakest, the poorest pigs that exist at the time.And poor people, as is often found in the AfD, Lete, who despise themselves and are cowardly, dissatisfied with themselves and the world, are looking for victims who do not defend themselves.

And IF they fight back, you can accuse them of it so beautifully.

Yes, there are also bad people among asylum seekers, of course.there are everywhere. Something has to be done about them. But not against ALL.

It would be like locking up all the men because a few of us are rapists.

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