Why does man seek the meaning of life?

In the American film A Beautiful Mind.Genius and madness, in which the main character – John Forbes Nash Jr., an American professor of mathematics at Princeton University who suffers from schizophrenia, is the main character. (1928-2015) – at the end of the film, he made a remarkable closing plea, which is modelled on Forbes’ speech at his reception of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1994.

“I always believed in numbers.

To the equations, the laws of logic that lead to reason. But after lifelong efforts of this kind, I ask: what is the truth of logic? Who decides what reason is? My search for meaning led me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional and back again. And I made the most important discovery of my career. The most important discovery of my life: only in the enigmatic equations of love can one find any logical reasons.”
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In March 2006, the Düsseldorf-based Identity Foundation, in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim, conducted a study on the topic of “Spirituality in Germany”.The answer of 1,000 respondents who were asked the Gretchen question found that about 15 percent of the population of the Federal Republic consider themselves to be spiritual seekers of meaning who, beyond the offers of traditional religions and ecclesial Explore extended perspectives of personal development and self-knowledge.
Every second German believes that the cosmos is held together by a spiritual power.In the case of a tendency towards spirituality/religion, the proportion of women was about twice as high as the proportion of men.

Reasons for the question of meaning
The question of the meaning of life is obviously only for man.

Already in ancient philosophy it has been established that it is apparently the only known linguistically gifted being of reason and mind (zoon logon echon) that can present the prerequisites for a self-referential reflection of meaning.
The human being as a social being is always in relation to other people with education, training, professional life and is encouraged from an early age tousefulness, work, meaningful action, a meaningful life, often without to be explicitly named as the meaning of his life.
Many people do not usually ask themselves the question of the meaning of life in everyday life, as long as their own way of life does not become dubious or questionable.Often there is an existential crisisof meaning when events can no longer be integrated into the existing concept of meaning: for example, through disappointments, misfortunes or the demands of a new phase of life.The result is often the beginning or resumption of reflection on the meaning of life, which then also includes questions such as happiness or even the meaning of suffering.When a person manages a critical event that has led to a loss of meaning, they often find meaningfor them.
Many people who turn to psychotherapists see the loss of meaning as a disease and express the hopeof being able to give their lives a new meaning.The sensation of complete futility of one’s own existence, together with a “feeling of insensitivity” and the inner emptiness, can also be a symptom of depression.
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The vision search (also called vision queste) – staying alone in nature for days – enables modern Westerners to:

  • an inventory of their past lives,
  • a reorientationthat provides insights into existentially important issues,
  • an integration of reorientation / finding meaning in a more mature phase of life.

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