Why does life hurt?

Life does not hurt.Life is. No more and no less. What can hurt is the way you interpret life events. But that’s what you do, not life. To you the question of why you interpret everything so negatively.

Good news So.It is not life. It is up to you and the good news: Now you can do something about it. You are not the victim of life. You are a victim of yourself. Find a cognitive psychotherapist and explain your black gallige interpretations. There you will learn that other interpretations are quite feasible-and often more likely.

Because there is also joy, and love and peace.And success, and so many other things. But there is also loneliness, sadness, quarrel, failure. Life is like a stick: you can’t pick up one end without taking the other with you.

Life is not just joy, that’s right.Sometimes it hurts. And that belongs. No black without white. Would you still know what joy is, without ever feeling pain?

Pain can be seen as a learning process.Often life hurts, if you are not on the right path. You become unhappy if you do not follow your heart, if you take the wrong decisions or if you do not know to deal with certain circumstances. You sometimes need pain to throw the helm, to come to insights or to inturn. Pain is a signal that you have to approach something in a different way. Not so much in actions, but at least in how you mentally deal with it. It warns you.

Every person will experience (deep) pain several times in his life.No one gets out of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. It may sound crazy, but it’s good for somewhere. Deep pain is often a possibility of deep insights. That you could not have gained in any other way possible. Because pain often forces you to go in and stand still with yourself.

We all lose loved ones, loved ones, maybe our house, our safe environment.You can already see how different people handle it, whether they can cope with the pain and convert to something new. Some people cling to the misery. That can feel very safe. Some people are completely changing.

Much pain comes to my idea and experience from the ‘ don’t want to accept ‘.Why does my husband leave me? Why is my mother dying? They are questions that make a lot of messines themselves to get a grip on the pain that has caused something… but an answer you never get. People just go dead and leave others. The situation is no different, and it remains that you have to learn to go about it. Life is constantly changing.

Mental pain warns you ‘ mind ‘.As physical pain warns your body.

I myself have learned enormous much by deep emotional/psychological pain.I have changed radically. It has brought me to insights, which I am convinced I had not acquired without this pain. It was terrible and I even got to the point that I no longer wanted to live. I didn’t want to die, but the pain was too unbearable. But I could still find the confidence that it would ever go by and that I had a big share of it. I could not change my circumstances, only myself. And there I think is the key: that you can see that you yourself and only you are responsible. Of course, others and circumstances can give you a lot of grief, but it’s about how you handle it. In fact, you do yourself that pain. That’s not something people like to hear, but in the end you won’t get to the bottom.

Life does not hurt, it only tests your willpower and motivation and shows you that every choice you make is linked to a good or negative consequence.More not, pain is an emotion that is made by your brain not through your life.

“How can we know the joy of life unless we know the sorrow芒 鈧?娄”

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