Why does it feel bad when I try to stay mindful around negativity, and how can I deal with it?

From my experience, and as I understand:

We are born with the fundamental urge to sustain our lives.Life support feels good, breaking it feels bad. Negativity breaks it off. It undermines the zest for life and therefore feels bad

Through our senses, we receive a constant flow of impressions that influence us, more or less, according to our memories and processing of prior impressions, conscious and unaware.We cannot take the influence of impressions, once deleted. We cannot “on-see” What we have seen, or not “on-hear” what we have heard. We process it somehow, with or without awareness.

So also with negativity.Once learned, we can only give it a place, to process it, with or without awareness. Without awareness and we feel to us but we do not know why. With awareness and we feel to us but we know why.

We prefer not to feel, so we look for the easing of it.Consciously or unconsciously. Hopenly conscious and in a constructive way, but that also demands energy. At best, surrounded by negativity, and being aware of it, you will become exhausted in your attempts to not do the influence as much as possible, on the spot and later in your processing.

A much more common consequence is that you take it to you and it more or less fundamentally changes your face on life.You might be like that and can even find a kind of perverse joy in a strange way, just as they might.

Unless you can not otherwise, or that it is your mission to help the other to see things a little more excited and you are preparing to bear the burden, it is best to take you to such a company and instead seek companionship with people who build , support, encourage.A difference as of day on night. You will feel a lot better.

Recognizable, not doing but being away!

Negative energy will hit you anyway, it’s like radiation from a nuclear weapon: not your fault, but you’ll be touched when you get too close.Not to linger too much in such surroundings, you have to be the-toxins of the effects, it just costs energy.

Sometimes you have no choice and some people are more sensitive than others.Know your limits, try not to be stronger than you are or change others. Leaving is sometimes the best.

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This has to do with the fact that your brain consists of two halves that are connected as well

When you feel bad, one half of the lift takes control and the good connection is lost

Depending on the cause, the wandering neurons should somehow show the correct path (let) be

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