Why does everyone tell me not to get married?

Well, I can’t answer that, but I can give you the consideration of a person who also has no predage for marriage.

What is a marriage?Originally, the marriage was used to legally combine the succession and possession of two people. Marriages were not made out of love, but were more economic-strategic alliances between two families. Land and property have not been granted to everyone as they do today.

These days, people are officially married out of love.As a result, many people get married just a few weeks after they meet someone.

Some people also believe that marriage is better for them to bind their partner to themselves.Others see the financial benefits, and for some, even the fairly simple name change is an incentive. There are definitely a lot of things that make a marriage an exciting and sexy thing.

But what you shouldn’t do is get married because everyone is doing it.

I never wanted to get married.Simply from the thought: If my partner and at the same time my best friend have no financial hurdle or social hurdle to leave me, then I know at all times in the relationship that the bond is not artificial. How to get together, so you are separated again with a finger tip. No obligations, no rights. (I don’t think that’s the case legally, at least not if you’re registered together at an address for a long time.)

But now there are also things in life that come in a different way.You have been living together in friendship and love for 10 years and then there are children or children. a child. At this point, one can then consider setting up a supply community. Marriage in Germany also regulates the rights and obligations of two people with regard to custody and guardianship. In this case, around 200 euros are well invested for the marriage.

Changing the name is also more annoying than expedient and not necessary.I like to carry my names and connect them with my family, as well as my partner. I’m not a Borg and I don’t want to assimilate a human being, so everyone should keep the name they want. That is how we agreed.

Marriage and marriage need not be complicated or expensive.Only as complicated and expensive as you would like it to be. The nonsense with: You marry only once in a lifetime, you really only believe someone who is freshly in love or drunk. The chance of this number is a few percent, and the trend is decreasing.

If you want to find out if you can marry your counterpart, then you have to talk tacheles.If there are already too many romance-blubbers or similar, transient motifs in there, then wait another year longer. You can hardly get married too late, but always far too early. Marriage is a legal form with obligations and not just the occasion for ne Dicke, far too expensive party.

(I’m not the “romantic” type, if it hasn’t been noticed so far.But we are not at the single exchange here.)

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