Why does everyone suddenly see China as a threat?

Because they can suddenly do something very good what we never expected.Huge super modern cities are being pounded out of the ground, new techniques are being applied on a large scale. That is the advantage of a centrally managed economy. Once you have decided something as a country, the execution is super fast. And they suddenly decided just the right things. Now it seems that they are going to catch up in the West: in the being of the most modern society.

It is not a threat as it used to be: “The Russians come!”: Occupy us, we thought. Those Russians never planned, the Cold War was “defending” from both sides.
Now it is just that the Chinese are getting everything (companies and commodities) to buy up, as the Americans did since WW2.They just get it everywhere more for saying. Africa left the West for a long time. Now China is going to pick that up.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with that.The Chinese society is in name still communist and the party has central power.But society is, after testing in Honkong and then the entire coastal strip, now on more modern reads. Well, we would think it would be really democratic. But China has simply never been. Not democratic and not individualistic. But collectively. In fact, they continue the ancient Chinese empire, as Putin is in Russia the next tsar.

Perhaps we should handle it pragmatically.They have a different culture and with these developments we are going to go much more towards each other. I guess.

Not everyone.Only the people who listen to the US.

We owe that to Trump.But maybe he’s just the one who now mentions the Beast (you) in particular. China is a strong growing power that is increasingly competing effectively with America.

From Wikipedia:

“The Socialist market economy of the People’s Republic of China is the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP and the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity.Until 2015,China was the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with growth rates averaging 6% over 30 years. “

The world芒 鈧劉 s top economy: THE US vs China in five charts :

“China is well on its way to becoming the world芒 鈧劉 s leading economy, and is already there in PPP terms.However, in order to surpass the US芒 鈧劉 s highly diversified, tertiary economy, there芒 鈧劉 s more to do: China still needs to make the all-important transition from a resource-intensive manufacturing hub to a modern, consumer-driven economy. “

People think of certain things about China based on stories.

Iphones are put together in mega factories by children who are suppressed and do not get enough food.

An American even asked if they were China

Also had electricity and trains.

The main reason is that China has become economically more powerful.When China was poor and insignificant, it was treated just like all the other 3rd world countries. If a country begins to threaten the hegemony of the US (like Japan in the years 80) then the imaging becomes very different. If you want to stay number 1 then China is indeed a threat. If you are Taiwan, yes then China is a threat.

The fact is that China rules things differently which is accepted from small economies, but not from the 2nd economy of the world (PPP even the 1st).

China is different and behaves differently and that is threatening.

I’m going to Shenzhen soon and I’m gonna let me amaze.

‘, ‘ In my opinion, we do not function properly without enemies.Then we become lazy and we bore ourselves. The emergence of China as an economic and military power is such that it becomes possible to unleash all sorts of creepy scenarios.

“,” The emergence of China makes for huge shifts on the world stage.The western countries, especially the United Kingdom and the United States, have dominated world politics from around the 16th-17th century. This has also ensured that they have shaped these and that Western culture has been spread throughout the world. However, from the years 80 ‘ of the last century, China has been busy making a huge catch up and is likely to take over this world power in the short term from the United States. They may have already done so, for example considering the size of the Chinese economy as the largest economy in the world. [1

In addition to the fear in the Western world that their leading role in the world is slowly disappearing, there is also a fear of the norms and values of the Chinese who differ greatly from the generally prevailing norms and values in large parts of the Western world.The Chinese generally attach less value to human rights, freedom of the individual and privacy than most Westerners. Especially the fear of the loss of privacy is currently very topical considering the developments around the 5g construction of Huawei and the fear of possible espionage from the Chinese authorities.

However, this fear of Huawei is not very rational, as there is no concrete evidence yet that this network can actually be used as an espionage agent of the Chinese government.More likely is that the banishment of Huawei is one of the first steps in a battle between the US and China to gain the profit in the fourth industrial Revolution. The winner of this battle for technology will most likely address the position at the top of the food chain of world politics. [2

The book “The New World Order” by Rob de Wijk is also highly recommended to learn more about the emergence of China and the fourth industrial Revolution.


[1 Report for Selected Countries and Subjects

[2 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What it means and how to respond

I think that this is a result from the inner and foreign politics.It is often assumed that propaganda is something of the past, but who actually writes those press releases?

Our press takes all the pronouncements and points of view often simply, it has news value.One does not bite in the hand that feeds;)

Because people have been afraid of the unknown since the beginning of time.Fighting the unknown. The belief that retaining status quo is the best.

Most snapping Chinese culture doesn’t so scares it off when they do things differently.

And the people who do understand it are purely a threat because China is an emerging world power.

The first major after America and Russia.

Are they going to be friends is the question?

As long as China could be used as a foot wipe it was not a problem.Now that the Communists have brought the country as a superpower, it has suddenly become a threat.

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