Why does BeyondMeat ‘meat’ taste like real meat?

“Whydoes BeyondMeat “meat” taste like real meat?


I’m got from my surroundings from 2 people who tried it.For science, I would say, sacrifices must be made. They have learned their lesson and will continue to carry out the tests on laboratory rats as long as they are not sensory in nature.

Ok, let’s analyze the stuff.In the burgers, the bulette consists of bamboo, beetroot, coconut, potatoes and peas. These are the 5 main ingredients. So far, so weird. The chemical cocktails that hold the stuff together are not included, giving it the appearance, the color, the consistency of meat bulettes. Also the miserable attempt to imitate meat flavor. Because the “product” consists of a few twenty-three ingredients. All for the group, which likes to lie to itself and wants to give up meat completely, but not the taste and the shape of it. You do NOTHING for the environment, NOTHING for animal welfare and much less for your digestive tract.

It is said that 90% of emissions are saved.NOT included are of course the necessary clearing to make room for the coconut plantations and the bamboo plantations. Oooops. And the transport routes for the meat mimic do also fall away.

If these were taken into account, we would get pi times thumbs, divided under the arm, minus an asthma-stricken Chihuahua, to 15% more emissions than for the same amount OF MEAT.Beef. Oooops 2.

But hey, what do we not do for nature, if we are tricked into thinking that it would be good for it, what?MOMENT-chen: There is an extra charge of 4 Euros for a meat imitatburger.

He looks pretty good fried.From the outside. It’s also supposedly quite juicy. From the inside, however, it looks a bit like the prolapse of a hemmorhode-sick hamster.

The stuff should taste more like spices than anything else.The burger, not the hamster. Meat included. It should also have an unpleasant, soapy-rancid aftertaste. For a few hours after the “pleasure”. Half of the subjects, yes, one, probably also produced foul-smelling intestinal winds, 1-2 hours after consumption. (You know, peas, beans, lentils, the rectum has to grin)

Nevertheless, the meat imitate wherever it appears is sold out faster than you can refill the shelves and freezers.If the predicate organic is added to the gluten-free and eco-friendly, the corresponding community will turn completely on the wheel. More than one would expect from the understood-vacuumed heap.

It’s something special in that the food industry has already found something to take the money out of its pockets, small-minded, narrow-minded, uneducated consumer zombies.But that’s what you know.

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