Why do your friends and the people around you have such a great influence on your success and progress?

Don’t have them.They are all ‘ corporate animals ‘ and do not know my considerations. I’m just a maverick.

Because you attach great value to the opinion of your neighbors, but usually in setting goals and working on personal development completely unjustifiably.Why? Because your neighbors can be the biggest saboteurs of your success. Coincidentally, I wrote an article about this last week[1, which is why I would like to answer the question.

You resonate with people
You steer vibrations into the world, with a certain speed and intensity.Some people catch that up and send it back. That’s why when you walk into a space with people, you sometimes feel a good or bad vibe. And with some people it clicks so well that you resonate so. This way you can compose the group of people you are dealing with and with which you are happy.

System theory
This way you have created a nice working system.That group of people around you forms a system together with you and according to system theory[2 It is true that when one part of a system changes or behaves differently, this disrupts the whole system.Hold that thought for a moment.

You change or are changing
When you work on success or set a certain goal to improve yourself, chances are that this means you are going to change.Is it your goal to fall off? This probably means that you are going to live/eat healthier. Is your goal to drink less alcohol or completely stop drinking alcohol? Chances are you won’t want to sit in the pub every night.

This all sounds logical and reasonable.But what if you always sat down in the pub every night with your friends. Your friends will be afraid that because you no longer drink, you no longer go along or become uncaring. It is also for those friends with whom you have been watching every night film with a bake chips and bars of chocolate.

Unconscious sabotage
This is where I am going to give an answer to your question.Your friends and family are actually just afraid to lose or feel threatened because they don’t have an excuse for not getting their own goals. Unconsciously, they will sabotage you, thinking of that friend who always jokes when a bowl of tasty bites comes over: “no no, just give me, Barry shouldn’t.Anyway Barry? * wink * “or when you go to the pub with each circle shouting:”don’t be so uncaring man, one beer can do?” Also, it often happens that they will try to scare you with their own experiences: “I also tried to start myself, but I lost everything I had!” So what?Will it go so far?

When you get personal goals or you become successful, the vibration you transmit also changes.

Actually, you can say that you may not resonate as well with certain people as you did earlier. And so you often see that friendships end when interests shift. The system is disrupted and will not always restore its operation.

It has become a long answer but what I still want to add is that not ALL friends and ALL family members do or will.It does happen more often than it is people love. How can you deal with it when this happens? You can read that in the article mentioned earlier: The best saboteurs of your goals are often your neighbors.


[1 The best saboteurs of your goals, are often your neighbors -Barry does thick

[2 system theory-Wikipedia

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