Why, do you think, many studies have shown that extremely intelligent people are not rich?

Subject, this is a vision, not a truth.And I don’t know any scientific studies.

“Extreme” intelligent people generally have a very strong sense of justice.This can be an obstacle to abuse by knowledge people for personal gain.

“Extreme” intelligent people have satisfaction in life that is distinct from wealth.Steve Hawking was and is considered one of the most intelligent people on earth. We know he was trapped in his own body (AS) and we can argue that he was not rich. With the knowledge that he had, he could easily get rich. But that did not do so until the last day of his life that he had more satisfaction in intellectual challenges than in the ambling of wealth.

I think you can still show some examples.Just as some intelligent people can also be rich (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg). But I suspect that they see that wealth as an incident the trail. That was not their original aspiration. But I can’t speak in their place. But when I see how they deal with that wealth, it’s not the same way Donald Trump does it. He goes for status and power, but is therefore not intelligent. He’s just very lucky that there are still a whole lot of more the people. King one eye in the land of the blind. But here again, it concerns my vision, therefore, subject to read.

Want to be rich, you need to.That is to say that you give a certain status that feels almost fetishistic. Not everyone has the same fetishes.
Now take a diamond.For someone who pursues wealth, that is a jewel that symbolizes a high value and status. For an intelligent person, that’s just a piece of carbon without specific value on the rarity.

One must know the end result of their motive.Most people think: “If I am a good painter I can get rich!” “If I’m good enough with computers, I can still design something innovative!”

You will notice that the end result is that you can paint nicely or that you are handy with computers.And there is ultimately no one who cares about your hard bet. Ouch! Life otherwise works very contra-intuitively. Being rich is an art that teaches you in itself.

If you want to become rich you need to know how to get rich.

There, skills in painting and computers can help you.And if you want to be rich, it doesn’t require too much talent. When I see which paintings are sold for how many euros, I think to myself: “I can do that too!”

This is Rhein II and this painting costs 4.3 million euros!

Yup, and yet such a simple concept…

If you have had difficult studies you have learned a lot, such as how to exercise your profession.

But school doesn’t teach you how to make money and how to grow audiences. The point is that you don’t have to be too smart if you want to become popular and rich. It’s often also those people with fame that we think they don’t deserve. And how is that? Maybe you wonder?

From life you can make a lot of distinction between ‘ logic ‘ and ‘ emotion. ‘ Logic is often boring and based on facts.With emotion you can convince people, bring them in motion and get along with them. People who are ‘ intelligent ‘ like to think logically, and they have the right answer. They are not always appreciated since the answer might not sound ‘ appealing ‘ to the masses.

This is my view on the subject.And have never noticed that studies show this. Well I did not reply directly to your question, but I hope that this still takes care of some clarification nonetheless.

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