Why do you think Deutsche Bank is in crisis?

Deutsche Bank is not alone in this crisis.

It is the general crisis of capitalism.This is based on the legal tendency of the rate of profit, depending on the increase in objectified labour over living labour. (Machines replace human labour at an increasing pace.)

This thesis can be verified on the basis of the actual return on capital.It is no longer even sufficient to cover the banks’ running costs. In the deceptive hope of the return of the “good old days” of profitable investments, banks are trying to impose their costs “temporarily” in the form of fees on their customers. But the crisis that has been evident since the mid-1990s does not want and does not want to pass.

Capital managers are currently studying Marx, partly disgusted and partly full of curiosity, who formulated the “law of the tendentious fall of the rate of profit”.Of course, in the hope that Marx has “overlooked” something. And that’s actually conceivable – but unlikely.

It is not only the banks that suffer from this economic law.Several European autistic companies have already moved to standard fraud (exhaust gas standards) years ago. Which flared up, but for a few years convinced the investors (shareholders) of the apparently successful (profitable) use of their capital. BMW dealers, meanwhile, complained about a yield of only one percent.

The managers of the German Bayer AG seemed similarly desperate when they decided to invest hard-to-use capital in Monsanto, the chemical company with probably the worst reputation in the world at the moment.And Monsanto was disrepute before Bayer shareholders invested their money there. How desperate do you have to be to make a decision about the eye?

These examples are only the obvious ones.You can imagine what’s going on behind the scenes. We have the lowest interest rate in 3,000 years. A system is collapsing.

And this system is very old.Already in the Gospel of Luke[1, the need for capital to bring profit is emphasized.And reformers such as Zwingli[2 and Calvin[3 )were pleased to find that a divine blessing must lie in profit-making.

Deutsche Bank’s crisis is only an external symptom of this.Of course, you can hide the fever thermometer for a while so as not to worry the patient.

But the real problem is: what comes next?

Right-wing parties find barbarism, costumed as “law and order”, quite passable.

Left-wing parties do not respond at all.In any case, on this question.

A single serious political economist, Prof.Varoufakis, at least, is seriously discussing this issue.

And probably the “Generation Kevin, Greta, Carola Rackete – and even Philipp Amthor” is able to face the question in the first place.The rest look away. It has always gone well. Of course not for everyone …


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