Why do you never want to get married?

There are, in fact, several reasons for this.

First of all, I would like to say a few things, this is also really something that goes deep, it is my opinion and I hope that it is also understood as such, we are all free and I honestly do not hope that people come around the corner to want to explain to me. that I see it wrong.
Everyone can have a different opinion on this subject, but this is so deep and so emotional that you can actually refrain from teaching someone else.

I am a person who really likes his freedom, so much so that Even with the greatest love I see no point in getting married, because people leave at some point.
So freedom is a big issue for me in this direction, because I could not inspire myself in the sense of a common life, with another person in this way.
I’m reluctant to tell other people things about me, i’m reluctant to share in my life because people are quick to rate, they’re trying to change you and become a part of you.
They try to change you until you fall for them, because obviously you don’t do it in your constitution.
I have no interest in merging with a person into a unit, I don’t want to sign up – and sign up when I go and come home.
I don’t want to be a considerate housewife who gave up her life and dreams just to raise three children and strengthen the man’s back.
I have no interest in living such a life, stepping into the background and pretending that it would make me happy and fill in.

You can now say that I am selfish and I do not understand life, etc.
But honestly, I get anxious about the thought alone.

It may be a nice concept for many people, it may make many women and also men happy, but mostly happiness breaks when reality strikes.
Marriage is not like you see it in the film, but not every marriage is as you know it from the horror stories.
In the end, everyone needs to know for themselves.
But I know that such a life would not make me happy.
I don’t like people merging, becoming a unit and thereby forgetting themselves.

My life looks a bit different, I don’t judge anyone for what they love, what fills them, but I condemn the people who get married because they think they have to do it anyway.

There are people who think the goal of life is to get married and have children, because everyone does that and because it is selfish to dream of a different life and then pursue it.

But we all have other goals and dreams and in the end I think everyone should live the very life in which they feel good, even if you think it’s not right.
At some point you need the courage, otherwise you end up with 42 and suddenly you have to start over.

Another reason that I don’t want to do so much here is a divorce, divorces are expensive and usually it doesn’t go well, that’s why divorce.

This is the end of 30 years of marriage, when you’ve done it until you or your partner have fallen in love again, but you’ve “wasted” your life on a person you thought would never happen, but it would last forever.
And then one wonders what could have been done if only another, better decision had been made.

What I would like to say is that I don’t want children, or maybe even a partner, by my side at some point.
It’s just that I’m a person who always needs a certain distance, like any human being, only I’m someone who takes the “freshness” out of it, no matter how other people think about me afterwards.

We are free, actually independent people, we should use that just to be ourselves, because we only have this one life.

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