Why do you like to live in Hamburg?

To do this, you first have to understand the hamburg mentality.

On the one hand, no one criticizes Hamburg so much and always finds something to nag as the Hamburgers themselves – but as a final answer, the same people say that it is the best city in the world.

This sounds excessive, but on closer inspection it is not.In international rankings, Hamburg often appears in the top 10 of the world’s cities with the highest quality of life and almost always in the top 20.

Hamburgers are not local patriots.This is often confused when Hamburgers express their love for the city in other regions of Germany, which is almost never the case unasked.

Of course, there are also things that are annoying.Listing this is popular with hamburgers, but also not as pronounced as with the dear Berliners, who at least with a wink have always made a real sport out of pulling their city through the cocoa.

In Hamburg, however, there is no wink at criticism either.:)

Some advantages

Many cities beat Hamburg in individual points, but Hamburg has the unbeatable advantage of having something of everything and not much of it.

  • The city is above average green, at many, also central points you can find parks and lakes.
  • Hamburg is the richest city in Europe after Brussels.

So money is not the problem to be able to push important projects forward.

  • Hamburg is very compact in the inner city.
  • In Berlin, for example, it is annoying that you always sit in the train for 40 minutes to visit a friend in the other neighborhood.

  • Hamburg certainly offers less cultural diversity than, for example, Berlin or New York, but is sufficiently equipped, significant and surprisingly innovative.
  • The proximity to the water, the moving air, the infrastructure of the ÖTV, the workplace situation, the salaries, the party facilities at bars and clubs – everything is available enough.
  • The Elbe beach.
  • On several kilometers you will find the finest natural sandy beach, wide enough for many campfires, parties and endless nights. I do not know how many times we celebrated and stayed there as young people.

  • Hamburg is beautiful.
  • It’s not Barcelona or Paris, even if it was at least as beautiful before the war. But there are still beautiful corners everywhere, whether outside as in the bare stairdistrict, in the inner city area the Grindel and the Portuguese quarter, Eimsbüttel, Altona, even parts of Barmbek – if the weather is right, you sometimes come to the right spots both in southern Europe.


    Sure, Elbphilharmonie has run, so what is to say.Now that she’s there, she’s pretty.

    Worse is the completely forged Portcity.In winter, a relentless wind sweeps through the empty streets, in summer the urban planning has bred mosquito plagues, there are almost no shopping opportunities and the street life was already dominated by neoliberal functional architecture even before the Are successfully killed. Otherwise, you will only find overpriced apartments, all of which were planned past the population.

    At the moment, of course, as in many places in Hamburg, the misguided housing policy is a growing problem.The rising rents due to the allowing of international speculator locusts demand up to 50% of their income from the people of Hamburg. The extent of the economic damage to the consumption rate has so far been skilfully concealed from the population in federal politics, despite increasing pressure from the population.


    It’s a declaration of love.Hamburg is just perfect for me. Even if you live somewhere else on this globe for a while, the city is simply my home of heart, to which I feel as attracted as I can live out my wanderlust on the other side.

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