Why do you get money at Quora when you ask questions?

I’ve already addressed this in my answer to Answer Partners on Quora their own questions?

I see the reason in the user experience at Quora.Questions should serve as aggregators for knowledge. There are two basic functions of the aggregator. First, the empty question:

There is no answer yet, and an author is encouraged to speak out.

Like me right now. Basically, one can assume that this question therefore contains knowledge, or at least an opinion with a sometimes only homeopathic trace of knowledge. With luck, however, there is even expert knowledge or witness knowledge that binds itself to this question. So, for example, witness knowledge or at least testimonies in What was everyday life in the GDR?

On the other hand, there is also the expertise or expertise in questions such as: Why do some things have an 8-digit EAN number, while most goods have a 13-digit EAN?

But then there is the answer to the question.This has a completely different user experience. It starts like this:

The first points of perception are the image and the bold heading.

Also the relevant “Why do I see the shit?!” – area. I see it here because Quora tells me that Sven Perlberg has given a positive assessment of the answer. Immediately, for me, the value of experience increases, as it has been enriched by a social component. Then I see the author: Mike Mochow. Then the reference: Aha! A police officer answers a question about the traffic regulations! So there could be interesting and important knowledge in it.

The value of the experience continues to grow, and is potentially high enough to trigger an interaction.Here the ticker text is helpful in which we get to read the first three lines of the text. This also shows why, if you repeat the text of the question, you should do it at the end of the text. The ticker should anteasen. Mike, for example, could have been re-energized here at the beginning. In the sense of: As a police officer, the problem of the minimum speed on the motorway is usually only touched when cyclists or small entders are on the sidewalk.

And then comes the most important thing for Quora… okay, the second most important… *Click*.

After the click, the user has landed in an area that can be clearly defined and can be monetized by advertising.After all, these are issues such as:

So while the user is now feasting on the feeding crib of Mike’s knowledge, he can be kindly and unobtrusively milked by Quora.

Quora seems to have two phases.

The first phase is that of building the community and content.Quora in German is in this phase. The authors receive QPP income from the hits In the second phase, and since we come to Quora in English, it’s about concrete advertising. What do you think this advertising is being fixed on? Not in the reach alone, but in how target group-specific advertising is. A magic trick that made Facebook and Google so great. Both allow more or less specific targeting of target groups. Thanks to the topics, the access statistics and the recording of ad impressions, Quora can then, again and again thanks to the questions asked and the topics assigned to them and the keywords contained in questions and answers, name specific rooms.

Dragons (lovers) could live here… so do here for your role-playing equipment store.This is about IT, and we know who’s following IT issues. So we can target an IT-savvy audience if you pay for it. Due to the rather discreet advertising guidelines on Quora, however, it remains in moderation. At the same time, there is less risk of Quora being ad-blocked. Especially when reading content with the handy app!

So why are questions so much more important?Because their topics can be used to gain important insights for Quora’s financially successful operation. Answers are also important, of course! They are the hay in the feeding crib of questions. Without hay or At some point, the K眉鈥?customers were left with attractive answers.

And from this point of view, first of all, it takes the appealing questions so that knowledge can be distributed in the form of appealing answers.

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