Why do you believe/not in God?

At the age of eight, I became an atheist.The reason for this was actually my first communion. We were then taught and prepared by religious teachers and priests. And I found that there was nothing sensible between them. Questions were answered with questions. And there was not much difference in terms of construction with the other fairy tales. But yes, as a child, you didn’t have much to say, and the first communion was pushed me through the down throats. But I kept sitting with it. And I kept worrying in bed about that myth. I asked myself questions such as “OK, if God is the father of Jesus, who is his grandfather?” Now, I have reasons to assume that Jesus probably existed. A great philosopher, communist avant la lettre and above all a very gifted illusionist. And he had a message. One of charity and peace and forgiveness. To help his story, he sold himself as the son of God. He knew at that time that people fell easy to condition. But his concocted God survived history better than his philosophical thought. We ultimately speak of religion and not of Jesus service. And of course it was easy for the apostles and historians to make the story fit afterwards.
Well, I started to interest myself more in science and Dinos, which was my thing.Beasts that walked around the world for millions of years before the creation of the world, according to the Bible. That did not really help to allow God to continue in my life. My solemn communion I have been to the great annoyance of my grandparents to let me go by. Too bad I had to say it a few weeks before the party when Mr. Pastoor was suddenly at home to ask when we finally came to the catechism. Only later did I realize the damage done, party room reserved, catering, invitations, gifts. THEIR feast completely to the moon. But I kept foot by piece. Now, it has come out well between my grandparents and me. I really loved them and they never came back and have respected my choice.

So yeah, I’m a herter, but… I love Biblical stories just as I love the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey” and not in the least “under the spell of the Ring”.

I do not believe in God.

At this moment I am busy reading the Bible and it gives me no reason personally to believe in God.I have not yet arrived in the New Testament, but the Old Testament comes to me as a book to make women less worthy of men, it is mainly spoken about fathers and sons and occasionally about women once. That gives you to think who wrote these writings, and it is a justification for Israel to possess the area they possess.

I did not believe in God before I started reading the Bible seriously.Not believing in God came through the history lessons about crusades and mission work etc. There are quite a few bad things done in the name of God, whatever God. That did not seem to me to be something a God would demand from his nationals. From that I concluded that the people who claimed to know how to believe seriously abused the ignorance of the masses. But also that God was not in a position to do something about this. So that all good stories about the power of God are nullified, because it does not even succeed him to correct the spokespersons of faith.

Why should I believe in an omnipotent being who cannot even curb his own direct nationals?

Because God or gods do not exist.In the past, many natural phenomena such as a thunderstorm with a lot of lightning, a god-invented Donar. Which is now Thursday or Thursdays, Wodan was an old Germanic god, now it is Wednesday or Wednesdays. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, planets that are named after the Greek gods. These are the gods of religions that had many gods. The problem began with the monotheists. And it originated in the Middle East. So Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three woman unfriendly, God is a man? Women are subject to the man. In Catholicism There is still a Marian worship and there are saints and often also women. But in Protestantism that disappeared, including Mary.

Furthermore, the first chapter of the Bible is totally fabricated.”The world is only 6000 years old, God first made the world (a Planeetje) and then only the sun and the Stars”. “Eve was created from the rib of Adam”!!! All people have the same number of ribs. The Genesis is the cause of a lot of evil, subjugation of the woman and of all animals.

With the knowledge now about the universe, which has been around for 13 billion years with more than billions of galaxies and with billions of stars who often also have planets, how can anyone believe in a personal God?

This is the best speech about our world and the universe of Carl Sagan.

In general, it only makes sense to believe in business if you have reasonable proof of it.They are faint examples but as well as the flying teapot and the Spaghetti monster, I have not yet seen any evidence of the existence of one or more gods.

Many religious people depart from the wrong position, namely they assume that there is a God-often because they have received it in their childhood.And then they argue that there should be evidence for the non-existence of God. That is extremely weird, and as a principle would be very time consuming if you wanted to apply it for everything. Why do most of these people not believe in fairies, unicorns, talking cheese balls and an infinite bathing paradise after life here on Earth?

Or if you only want to follow this mindset on a religious level: Why do most Religians believe in one of all possible gods?Should you at least not show the existence of Thor or Zeus?

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