Why do we not have free will?

Our conscious thought and stimulus processing is very sluggish in contrast to the part that is unconscious for us.Since the former often depends heavily on the second, one can quite easily rule out an independent free will there.
If one goes one level deeper and deals with the unconsciousness, one will be able to make a very great certainty that our decisions are usually dependent on other factors.
But you can’t rule it out completely.

However, one can ask oneanother a slightly different question, namely what is the basic prerequisite for free will.

In this thought process, I went quite far back and started where everything had its cause, to the absolute beginning of the universe, or where the origin of every Matter is not, if there is an arbitrariness in the universe that is somewhere after that. Occurs.

The finiteness:
Assuming we live in a finite limited system with only very specific finite possibilities, then necessarily the reaction would have to be precisely defined by a preceding action, so far back as far as we reach the beginning of the universe and this chain.Similar to a domino chain that you knock over.
No matter how complex you build it, it follows a very specific process, even if it were so gigantic, so large that we can no longer see it and at the end of this chain can only guess which of the endstones will fall over.

This is called coincidence.

For example, a cube result is random.Nevertheless, if we were to observe it in slow motion, for example, and know all the parameters (drop angle, distance to the table, torque, air flow influences, throwing vector, mass of the cube…) we could actually know the result quite exactly. before the cube has fallen. This would be the case in a finite system, because finite values can be expected very well. Thus, in such a system, any decision would theoretically be predictable.
=> no free will possible

Ok, but now we don’t know if everything is really a causal chain, that is, if everything is really finite from start to finish.So let’s look at the next case.

The finite infinity:
Finite infinity?How can we imagine that now?
I honestly don’t know if anyone has ever thought about it, but probably already.Nevertheless, I cannot, of course, say whether these people have used the same terms, so I simply explain what I mean by finite infinity and draw an example to help.

A sine function:

You can ignore the values once confidently (or, of course, learn something about mathematics if you don’t know them), here’s something completely different.
The sine function extends infinitely far beyond the x-axis, but it has a clearly defined and characteristic curve whose pattern is repeated over and over again.

So, in a universe with similar features, we would have an finiteness in an infinite frame that will eventually repeat itself.

Even if this finiteness to the possibilities in the universe would be far more complex than a sinus function, which it is, because of the finite combination possibilities, which are distributed in an infinite framework, everything would inevitably eventually become possible. Try again.
However, since finiteness is known to be predictable (at least in theory), one could also rule out arbitrariness here – that is, a coincidence, which is not only coincidence, because we know too little about its parameters.
=> no free will possible

Let us move on to the next and in my past so far last possibility.

The Infinity:
In infinity, there are simply endless combinations.With an infinite number of possible combinations, however, one can never calculate a clear result, not even theoretically, because in the end there can still be an opportunity added or indeterminately influence it, which then throws everything over the top, in order to get it completely simple.
A causality, i.e. a consequence of reaction to action, which is always comprehensible in the same way, would therefore not be clearly and universally definable, no matter how large one defines the area one considers (what one can do in finite infinity and it can be calculated, at least in theory).
The 0815 cube could also display a 7 when throwing, because in infinity there must also be this possibility.Worse still, at some point he would even have to make it compulsory, because in infinity this too has to happen at some point.
In such a universe, God forbid, because we could not rely on any physical law and had so far simply been lucky, if that were really the case, there could well be a free will.

Since it is not easy to imagine infinity, it may well be that I made mistakes in my deliberation.If you find one or think that I am telling nonsense, please explain this nonsense in a reasoned commentary or similar, so that my thoughts can be bent in the right direction again. Only in this way were the reflections worth their time.

Oh, and last but not least.But you definitely don’t have to worry about whether you just have a free will or not. After all, it has been the same case that will continue to be the case in the future. Proof of this or against it does not play a major role.
After all, we can still act in the way that we think it is right.
Whether decision-making is a complex process that no one can comprehend, because one cannot overlook it or cannot understand it because it is simply impossible to overlook it, comes out the same in the end.It is virtually impossible to fully grasp the decision-making process.

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