Why do the Dutch answer systematically in English, even if I ask my question in clear Dutch?

I’ve got no idea:P

As other answers have already made clear, it is not entirely clear whether you mean it here on Quora, or in ‘ real life ‘.On Quora It is actually very clear: there is an English Quora, there you communicate in English. No matter what your own language is. And there is a Dutch Quora. Three times guess what the language is.

In real life, Dutch people tend to switch directly to English when someone is less proficient In the language.Even though (often? Sometimes?) Their own English a lot worse than the Dutch of that other.

I am thinking of ‘ why ‘ various answers are possible.For example, a friend of mine is American. When we met, she really spoke English. Now her Dutch is very good, but because we have always spoken English with each other ‘ it doesn’t feel good ‘ when we speak Dutch with each other.

Something else is that many Dutchmen really do not know how loured their English is. They speak English against a foreigner because they themselves really believe that their English pieces are better than the Dutch of that other.

When I was working for an employer I had a Scottish colleague, who spoke very good Dutch, but with a pretty accent.However, he was well understood and his Dutch was grammatically virtually flawless.

I also had a colleague who thought that his English was very good.So it really wasn’t. He translated the Dutch word for word into English and made a lot of wrong choices. ‘ It is raining pipesteels today, you better do not go to the outside without umbrella, please take the mines ‘ has really almost let us choke in our coffee, so hard we had to laugh.

One of the good things in the Netherlands (ERS) is-I mean-that we are more ‘ abroad oriented ‘ than many other nationalities.One of the bad things is that we are aware of this, and actually often heavily overestimate this quality.

Some writers exchange pretty much between the Dutch and English Quora.Sometimes Rrak you lost a little way. If you live mainly in English on the Internet, you sometimes just forget it. Personally also started writing in English. I came back happily before I had written down too much. “Oh Yes, there is ‘ answer ‘ at the top of my screen. Oops. “

Partly that I think is vanituiterij.People who do, know that they are therefore likely to see their message read by many more people. People are status seekers and they often look for what seems to be the shortest and easiest way to fame.

In such a case, I just keep answering in Dutch or I remain silent.The few times I am tempted to seduce me though I know that the other one also speaks my language, I always regret it afterwards. I have committed a little betrayal, so it feels.

Because the Dutch have a large inferiority complex.They lick the heels of everything but des Trumps or des Johnsons.

Meanwhile, they demand that the allochtoon speak better Dutch than they do.

You grow up here with English and American (sign) films and films and culture in general already initially.American TV and movies are already integrated in our culture. There are a lot of words that I can’t even translate in Dutch so a two three, but I do know them in American or English.

Just watch TV series at some point you don’t look at the subtitles anymore because you can just understand and speak.Then you just take over

So at (some, or many???) You take this over, and more often you talk in English, or American.Or you do others after that do this too. It goes without saying. Is learned behavior just as one learns for example swearing.

At least that goes for me so

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