Why do some wealthy people like Penner dress up?

I’m not going to post a current picture, but one of my neighbors dresses and looks almost identical to Richard from Silicon Valley:

And his house looks like this:

The starting price for a house in this neighborhood is about 2.5 million.

and his house is probably closer to 4 million. sth means a lot to sb.

And he dresses like that every day…

And he’s not alone…

Almost every other person in my neighborhood dresses in the same casual clothes, without trademarks and logos.Do they look like “Penner”? No, but they definitely don’t dress like they say, “Hey, look at me.”

If you met my neighbor on the street, you probably wouldn’t appreciate him for a second look, and if you did, you’d probably assume he’d have trouble earning the rent for this month, lol…

Funny is that there are many small condominiums less than a mile away and you see women wearing LV bags all the time, and men who wear all kinds of clothes with high-end branding, while most of them live paycheck to paycheck.

I have noticed that the rich do not feel that it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that they are rich and that those who want prosperity want to appear in a way that makes them look wealthy.It’s pretty amusing.

Then there are the super-rich, and most of them only wear branded clothing in which they have a personal interest.In other words, if the company does not belong to them, or at least part of it, they will not walk around and advertise to their competitors. But this is a very different level 🙂

That’s how I see it…

If we’re really honest with ourselves, there are probably only two or three things you’re REALLY interested in and you should feel free to spend your hard-earned money on these things.

So if you’re fashionsavvy, be sure to… buy and wear the clothes you like.

The problem starts when you spend money on things that don’t really interest you because you want to impress other people.

Wealthy people just don’t do that.If they don’t like shoes, they don’t give 1 tsd. for a pair of Gucci slippers. Whether they can easily afford it or not. While others make maximum use of their credit card so that they can impress someone they don’t even like…

So whether it’s clothes, watches, cars or whatever… if you are really interested and have the means to enjoy this luxury, do it. Just forget the rest of the stuff you don’t really care about.At the end of the day, it’s all about impressing yourself.

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