Why do some people have children if they do not love children or have emotional trauma from their own childhood?

Because I do not know in what situation you are and whether you are the man or woman or child who is in such a situation, I give answers to several possible situations.I hope that several people benefit from this.

Most people often do not realize that they are not quite over their traumas, etc.They think they are ready to start their own family, but unfortunately that is not so. And that reflects all back on the child/the children.

It may also be that they are “about their traumas” and that their own children bring all these reintroduction back to water.This can also cause problems between parent (s) and Child (Eren).

If a couple has a child, while he/she does not like children/do not want any more, the child was fixed and certainly not planned.May sound very common, but those children are 9 out of 10 times also not really planned.

If the couple is in a bad financial state, it will make the child even more difficult.IF an abortion or adobtie occurs, you could say that it was not financially possible to care for a child or not to get it. The most important thing in these situations (with or without a financial problem) is that IF they decide to keep the child and still want to take care of it, they DO love the child. They cannot show that well.

Some parents sometimes don’t know how they can show their love to their child (Eren).Or had a bad education themselves where their parents were largely absent or had other problems. They do not know better than their own education, than their own experiences. In such a situation, I advise you to talk to your parents about the problem that is bothering you. To tell them/show them how they can take care of you, what you like/love and what is not. To show them what it’s like to love your parents/children and spend time with them. (But in a subtle way and not by dicussifying or fighting.)

It does occur that a girl is abused and becomes pregnant.In these situations, serious trauma is suffered and there is also a living reminder for your eyes, for the rest of your life. The problem is not that they do not love children, but that the child is not created from their own choice. As a result, most people also choose abortion or adoption. You could not blame them. If the mother decides to keep the baby anyway, know that that woman is a very strong woman and ALSO really cares about the child, while she has not chosen herself and it is not created out of love.

If you are a child who was given up for adoption, I believe you cannot help you much.But with specific questions on this topic, I or another can help you better. I will also answer further questions about this situation if you have a few specific.

Sorry for this whole story, but while writing, there are only several situations in me where you could hit and continue to write Mar.

I do not know in what situation you are, whether you ask it out of curiosity , whether you are the man or woman in the relationship or the child, etc.But know that you will always be loved. No matter by whom. There comes a time when someone (even several people) will come into your life that will give you the same amount as you will give them. I am not just talking about a relationship, but also about friends and family. Maybe you’re just as bad and you’re in a little dipje, don’t worry. It does not feel like that, but with a little patience everything will come well.

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