Why do some people go in common with jealousy?

It is what the awareness of lack of intelligence does with people.It is old tribal behavior. It can be solved by them not otherwise than with envy and intrigues. If you are a little uninhibited in the world, this always comes unexpectedly and hurts very much.

Because they cannot have that the other has something they would like to have.The other can not award the good. Some exhibit even (passive) aggressive behavior. They want to deprive them of what the other has of them. Then there is envy.

Its actually two questions, why are people jealous and why do they do so in common.The only one who can answer that is the person who is jealous and does not.

Jealousy often arises from uncertainty, the fear of losing someone to someone who is better. But sometimes also from greed.Jealousy is everywhere and the only solution is talking, understanding getting each other to express expectations and certainly so important whether you want and can meet those expectations.

That people do in common is a response to the jealous feeling and the impotence to talk to Iver at an equivalent level.I have pain, so you have pain.

So talk and know what the other expects and vise versa.

Jealousy is a negative trait and that does not feel.It makes the person, how much he/she also feels unhappy when he/she sees you happily.

The person feels that if he/she manages to negatively influence your life he/she will feel better.That is not the case, of course, because the problem is not with you but with the person himself. That’s just a problem that the person himself should see solve.

He/she might be able to make you angry, sad or whatever, but that doesn’t help the person.He/she again finds someone else to react to his negative feelings, even though IE doesn’t know better.

Feel sorry for the one that does in common from jealousy.

I think jealousy is growing out of one’s deficits.Some people are not satisfied with themselves or with what they have or what they can and like to look at others with the desire to be able to take their place.

I wasn’t aware of the jealousy phenomenon until it happened to me.

I had a business partner who always wanted to be in my shadow.This person asked a lot of attention and cost me a lot of energy.

The company was growing and everything ran as planned.Just at the moment I thought, OK now we both have to give 200% because our company needs it to grow further. It was a crucial moment but she left me in the lurch. This did them in a common way. Long story short. Later, I ended the partnership and we have remained a friend.

I stayed with the question; Why did this person have so badly achieved me?

One day she came to me because she wanted to confess something.She held me tight and spoke gently in my ears, then she said I had to forgive her because she has long been jealous of who I am, what I have and everything I do. For a long time she wants to look like me. This came as a surprise because I could never think that an adult person can exhibit this kind of behavior. Why do you want to be someone else? I am not a special person. Am not famous and have always worked hard for everything I have.

At that moment I come to understand her behavior.Now I knew why she had been so common. Her frustration from her dissatisfaction with herself had become her boss. And instead of being nice she wanted to hurt me, break me, maybe hoping to take my place.

Yes, I have forgiven her but have also taken away from her.We see each other occasionally during the meeting of Friends.

Furthermore, I would not know why people are common when they are jealous.

In my opinion, impotence and dissatisfaction are the main ingredients for Jalouzie.Being happy with what you do have and going for your own growth is the remedy.

Dear Jen,

Jealousy stems from greed and another does not award anything.The reason people are going to do so is purely that they cannot camouflage their true character because they are also common, and that kind of people can be lost better than being rich. If someone wears jealousy against you or more than that, she likes to be like you alone, and as soon as they do in common to you, it only makes you even stronger in this world and life also shows you that you are other people around you m OEt and that you have to make choices in your life so that these vile people stay far from your neighbourhood. Believe in yourself and keep doing that forever. Life is hard but you can make it more beautiful by softening that hardness and not pulling anything out of this intimidation by society.

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