Why do some people deny the Holocaust?

The -how- is of course very simple.But what about the -who- and why?

how?As soon as evidence of the mass extermination of Jews and other Eastern Europeans appears, his eyes and ears quickly hold and Nananananana scream while shaking one’s head back and forth.Evidence against mass murder can be invented. If that’s too much work, you take the evidence unchecked from comrades or relevant websites.

who?is a bit more interesting.I see two main groups. Firstly, there are our neo-Nazis. They find Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich etc great and do not want to see their heroes associated with barbaric atrocities. On the other hand, there are fellow citizens who do not want to subjugate Europe, but who still want to be proud of their country. Of course, if you close your eyes to positive things and stop negative facts, that helps a lot. Nanananananana.

why?is most interesting.This affects each of us. Deep down, we want to feel good about ourselves. Hard work and results are one way, but it’s hard. It is easier to join a group, either real or just in spirit. Once inside, you can further increase your self-image by increasing your image of your group. Then it means the others have shit or played only so well because they have more sponsors, while their own team still plays real football. The fans of the other team of course also have their version of things where they can sunbathe well. All this while you are not playing in any team and would be a rivet on the field. Decorating yourself with foreign feathers comes to mind.The same dynamic can be seen in some religions. You have to try to do good, but again it is not that important. As long as you belong to the right tribe and follow the ceremonies, heaven is guaranteed. The poor swallower of the orphans raises but hangs on to the wrong clan must simmer in hell.

Pc vs Mac, football fanaticism, homeopathy, conspiracy theories, religion, climate change, nationalism have something in common for many of us.They make it easier to feel good about ourselves and do so without having to do anything significant. If the group-backed self-portrait is endangered by the truth, we bend the facts until everything fits again. This is easier than having to change the fan group and much easier than becoming a football god yourself.

This laziness and the simultaneous need for self-exaltation is often used in marketing.Branding. We against the others. ‘Burgerking is for the Incrowd who wants better-tasting fast food. All the others who come in at Mc Donalds are silly.’

If you want to know how Hitler, for example, took advantage of this basic need, you have to read his book.While his writing style is grisly and his lack of schooling often shows its ugly frat, he has surprisingly good insights into the psychology of the masses and how to steer them. To me, it’s like blinkers from my eyes. When I read things like“fake news” in “Mein Kampf” I was suspicious.When his ex said that this book was a regular on his bedside table, there was no doubt. We are still being manipulated today using the same methods. Reading the manual could help us to recognize and prevent this.

Which groups do you belong to, and why?

I wrote this text on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and not on my iPhone.IPhones are for latte-swallowing encoders.

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