Why do some people believe in ghosts and clairvoyants?

That is an interesting question.Why do you think so? We believe in things that you can’t touch or see. The “realists” do the same. Have you ever seen a black hole with your own eyes AND touched it? Nevertheless, there are these things. I’ve never seen Saturn, been there or touched it. Nevertheless, there is Saturn. There is this dark matter that no one has yet discovered. But they do exist. Why do people believe in it? Because it has been proven? Just because something cannot be researched using conventional, knowledgeable methods does not mean that it does not exist. You might just have to use a different method, then you might be able to prove it.

With clairvoyant, that’s one thing.There are plenty of scammers who do their thing very well. They tell you what you want to hear. You can read people very well. So they immediately see if anyone believes in it and then tell the greatest things about the future. They then collect a lot of money in advance. When it comes to it, one can explain self-fulfilling prophecy. But it doesn’t always work out. It’s a bit difficult to become a famous singer if you don’t have enough talent or money. But often only famous and rich people can afford these charlatans. After all, paying EUR 400 for a meeting cannot be afforded by a normal mortal. When Udo Jēœ‰rgens or Heidi Klum can go to them, the “Hellseher” can tell them that they will be even more money, even more famous and even “happier”. Which is not difficult with such people. I can also tell you: “There will be a lot of corn growing on this corn field.” If the farmer does not harvest, then I can still talk myself out because he has not followed my advice or anything else. Especially if he has sown cereals and no corn.;-)

However, there are certain people who can sense things that are still outstanding.However, this “ability” cannot really be controlled. Sometimes it comes as a complete surprise to you and you’re confused and confused for a while. It takes a few minutes to get clear again. However, these things often arrive. But since you are often called a spinner when you talk about it, you prefer to remain silent about it and wait for things. Often, however, one is the only one who is not surprised by these events and is also the only one who reacts correctly. Then you get away unscathed while the rest suffers damage. However, you cannot work as a clairvoyant. When you can do these things, you are often so sensitive that you don’t want to take advantage of or harm anyone. You give your advice for free when you come across open ears.

You can believe it or not.It is up to everyone. But I ask that people who believe in not defaming or shutting down.

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