Why do some Indians speak English to each other, and not in the national language? (e.g. in Hindi)

As you move from west to east, the number of language scripts increases steadily[1.

The reason for this is simple: humanity began in the jungle of Africa.

When they moved away from Africa (The North Africa (Sahara) could not be surpassed[2 , so they moved out of Africa) they could not go north because of the extreme cold.

Germany, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

were taken out of the picture (with the exception of some very small strains).

The American and Australian continent was too far to travel and therefore unknown for centuries.

The Middle East was a better choice than the Sahara, but still very dry and lacked sufficient food.

Thus the early Homo Sapiens moved further east.They largely ignored the Himalayas and continued until they reached the Indo-Gangetic plain.

After all, they had a place that was neither too hot nor too cold.The soil here was fertile and the Ganga River provides them with unlimited clean water. This led to enormous population growth[3 ), the results of which can still be seen after thousands of years.

It is important to note that this step was not intended or planned and it took place with thousands of tribes and over millions of years.

With farmland and plenty of water, the world finally had an area where they could grow spices.

This made this region rich and therefore attractive enough for major wars. Meanwhile, people from the north moved further and further south, first closer to the coast and then away from there.

With Reach Ruler, new rules, a new culture and a new script were added.

The more cultures came, the more people began to move further south and create their own culture as more languages became.

Without going into the historical reasons, India eventually developed 22 official languages (each with its own script) and thousands of different dialects.

So the problem in 1947 (when the British left India) was: How do millions (and soon billions) Indians speak in one language? To avoid struggles and feelings of neglect, a simple solution was for each state in India to set its own language preference, but to designate English as the administrative language.

Because English was foreign to everyone (and was fluently spoken by well-educated aristocrats from across the country who wrote the Indian Constitution), no language could be described as a “national” language.There is no “Indian” language, although Hindi is most often spoken because of the influence of Bollywood and the large population in the Indian northeast.

Over time, English gained more and more power around the world, and most Indians saw no reason to return to their mother tongue.English also gave Indians a simple language to do business across the country, and slowly became proud to speak English fluently, as it offered more opportunities to grow in India and around the world.

That’s why most Indians speak english to each other.Not the choice, but rather the beautiful necessity that life in a country as big as India requires.

Sorry for my German.I’m Still Learning 🙂


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