Why do (some) climatologists and (most) politicians think that CO2 is the real cause of climate change from (about) the year 1900?

The climate always changes.Usually steady, sometimes with big jumps. The CO2 content in the atmosphere has also been subjected to fluctuation since this planet has an atmosphere. Research into the history of the Earth’s climate shows that this CO2 content plays a role in a number of key climate indicators including temperature. Both in the laboratory and in the atmosphere of our planet (and other planets), a higher CO2 content ensures that more heat is retained. Nowadays you have to look for a long time for someone who is aware of things that are different from his scientific discipline.

What makes the current situation unique in the history of the Earth is the pace with which humans intervene on a number of important climatic factors.Let’s start with the CO2 content: This has been rather high — very long ago — but there are probably no known periods in which it has risen as rapidly as the last 150 years. Few doubt that this accelerated change is caused by human activity. In particular, the combustion of — over the course of thousands (wood, peat) or millions (lignite, coal, petroleum, natural gas) years in the soil — carbon pumps with its (now) eight billions of more CO2 the atmosphere than the mega fauna that Walked around on earth before. They were never with so many and had no technology.

Living nature has the capacity to absorb an increase in the CO2 content by accelerated fossilization in solid carbon compounds.Plants grow better and get the CO2 back from the air. The effect is unfortunately more limited than we hoped (seems to show recent research) but it certainly exists. Unfortunately, however, man also intervenes in this capacity by converting more and more living nature (forests) into agricultural land in particular. Here in Western Europe, the situation is fairly stable, but in developing areas with strong population and economic growth, the situation is quite different. Now you may think that food crops are also green and therefore also get CO2 out of the atmosphere. Well, food crops are eaten by humans and animals and therefore they do not remove the CO2 sustainably from the atmosphere. We just breathe out again.

There are not many climate scientists who doubt that our land use for this and a whole bunch of other reasons has an impact on the climate.

I only sketch a very small part of the mechanisms through which human activity leads to climate change.The total effects are large and their coherence very complex. That complex piece, is the piece on which climate scientists do not always agree. But the basic reasoning as I’m sketch above, is commonplace.

Unfortunately, there are still too many politicians who do not believe in this.Probably mainly because they are afraid to lose the elections if they propose the consequences to us as a party program.

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