Why do some adults find it childish to play video games in his 20s/30s?

I am 42 and have a Playstation and a Steam account.

However, I play very little on the computer, maybe once or twice a year.But I meet up with friends for board games. In addition to work, I develop software privately and am an active diver all year round. These are very social activities that are not carried out towards a machine.

I wouldn’t call playing video games ridiculous.But as a waste of time. You can do better with it.

Software development is also a “video game”.Perhaps more of a text adventure. I’ve been playing this for almost 30 years now and I have texts that have been with me for 20 years. So what I’ve achieved there isn’t just lost just because I’m getting further tweaks or other levels. I have achieved something that is reusable. I’m getting paid for it today and I’m creating something constructive.

And that distinguishes the video game: a performance is achieved and the only thing that can be done constructively here is to win a competition, which is usually financed by sponsorship of hardware manufacturers.In principle, this is a legal snowball principle. Gaming UPSs are being sold – children are supposed to put lead batteries in the children’s room so as not to risk their play in the event of a power outage. Children buy expensive hardware to have a few more frames. And adults take part in the game.

The performance generated does not produce anything that has even a chance to take humanity one step further.Games can be art. But don’t play.

At 20 or 30, you should have understood that a gaming PC is an expensive status symbol and whoputs so much value on it without being able to afford anything tangible, you can only smile at his priorities.

In programming, you can also measure yourself, but here also a performance is constructed, which can be passed on.Diving is about teamwork, but also about personal development. You create a basis of trust where you entrust real life to each other. It’s not about clicking fast. Nor is it about winning. It is about going into another universe in which man can float and move in a completely different way than in everyday life. Getting into really challenging situations and coping together brings a person further in his personal development. Because there is no respawn at a depth of 40 meters if you build crap properly.

It’s absolutely okay to play a round if you want to relax.Others watch TV. When I’m through every three or four months, I hit the couch and watch two days of series. That is not constructive either. But if you regularly invest a lot of time in gaming, you regularly waste a lot of time pushing an online avatar to a hero in the virtual world until the virtual world shuts down the servers and it’s just gone. And then all the time didn’t turn out to be.

I now teach young divers how to teach people how to code or support maths.These are challenges that may take place without a first-person shooter perspective, but for that I can mathematically explain and program the first-person shooter. Why should I be limited by a computer game? Why should I let a game dictate how the game should run if I can build my own universes?

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