Why do so many young people have debts these days?

Puh, the two answers so far are already strongly in the direction, “Youth is stupid and pampered”.

Certainly, debt has something to do with consumer behavior in principle, and there is also a small core truth in the answers.

However, I would also like to highlight other possible causes.

Changed star conditions

If you compare the generations of today and e.g. the 70s or even 50s.If we see that the labour market has changed radically.

Less skilled work (unskilled/auxiliary work) is becoming less and less paid compared to the cost of living.

Even in the field of skilled work (skilled workers/teaching), the situation is similar.Especially in the craft and service sector, it is difficult to find well-paid jobs.

Only in the Upper Segiment (special lists/managers) can one observe a growth.Especially as the demand for highly qualified employees is increasing.

This leads to the need for a high level of education, i.e. a degree in order to secure a certain standard of living.This is often financed with Baf枚g due to the lack of self-capitulate. This has to be partially or completely repaid, schwubbdiwupp one starts with debt into life.

If you also look at the young people’s average low earning income (lack of work experience) and higher expenses (e.g. higher rents since new rentals, higher insurance contributions, etc.)

However, these are only examples where young people are disadvantaged.

Let us therefore now look at consumer behaviour.

To understand why the “youth” (as the other legends) live about their circumstances.Do we have to be aware that we are not living in a meritocracy, but in a successful society.

Man is not judged in terms of performance, but for the most part, the success he has.Status symbols radiate success and success often brings advantages in finding a job.

I suspect here that many young people are toying with socialism.However, I myself do not consider this to be the best possible option.

I believe that instead of changing our economic system, we should look at what our current system is suffering.And turn us back into a meritocracy.

In other words, we should take a close look at where success is generated without performance and think about how we can resolve it.


  • Heirs, to heirs has nothing to do with performance, one swims, so to speak, on the performance of the parents.

Hence my proposal from amount x 100% inheritance tax

  • Financial speculation, generating money without the power to be retrieved.
  • and this in huge amounts that far exceed the real economy.

    There are certainly more examples.

    Ps.: Historically, there have been temporary performance companies.Especially in young societies after disruptive events.

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