Why do so many theologians and priests not believe in God?

My friend studied theology and no longer believes in God.Many lose their faith and drop out of their studies. Some lose it only later, because at some point the faith collapses under the weight of knowledge about things.

The fundamentalist ex-theologian and current spokesman of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the atheist Dan Barker, has set up the “Clergy Project” to help priests who have also lost their faith.Rarely, then, does not seem to be the phenomenon.

Some help themselves by developing a pantheism or deism, like many scientists.

The reason is simple: faith contains a great deal of logical contradictions.You can displace them, but the more you deal with them, the more difficult it becomes. Every new experience is designed to remind you of what has been displaced, and at some point it is no longer possible to postpone the problems.

When that happens, faith breaks.For all the problems of faith can be solved quite simply: there is no God. When one is rational, one strives to find the best possible solution to problems, and that is the assumption in theology that there is no God. The solution is simple, elegant, and thoroughly rational. So when a theologian begins to look for rational solutions, he eventually lands at the best possible solution to all problems, and then he has lost his faith.

Many then fall silent as theologians, others write books about it such as:

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By the way, S枚lle is a representative of the “God-is-tot” theology, as well as Altizer (see above)

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Kahl is a doctor of theology and now works as a philosopher because he has lost his faith in God.

These are just a few examples of people who were believers, became theologians and then became atheists.They all describe in the aforementioned books their journey from faith to atheism, and the reasons that led to it. No story is like the other, so that only individual answers can be given to the crucial question, or very general ones, which I described at the beginning.

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