Why do so many people seem to hate Trump? What did Trump do to earn that hatred?

Obama has the cool peer image.He has built it for decades. Republicans have been trying to tackle it all, such as his birth certificate and other matters. Politics is always a game that dirt is played. Both sides try to get as many things from the past as possible to make someone black. Why does one do that, I hear you ask? Well, for the same reason that “the booklets” are so popular. Nothing as pleasant as the dirty wax of the stars in Word and image. Have you ever looked at an online news site?

“hln.be” From today:

Scouts boys from countries, with photo.

A video of a French agent belawn through yellow stitches. Clicks determine how much an ad on your site is worth. Dredging and zever, bread and games. Make no mistake, if you graduate from college, move in the same circles, highly educated people. Unfortunately, the majority of voters do not consist of high-educated or people who follow politics and economics. Look, it is said Einstein has formulated it so: “There are two things infinite: human stupidity and the universe; And I’m not sure about the second. “. A politician does not speak to the experts among the population.A politician speaks on the basis of what a marketing guru has sorted out what lives in the man in the street. Just to do something else without consequences.


Words are used as weapons, democracy, freedom of speech and what is still.Fake News, Facebook ads, populism. This is marketing 101, the basis. Associate your product with a powerful word or image. An image is more powerful than a word, but also words are very powerful. These words are used to terminate every discussion, you are a racist, populist, conspiracy thinker. End of discussion with a word that puts you in the camp of despicable persons. Now, discussions are annoying, disturbing and can be deeply offensive. But the freedom of expression of the United Nations formulates that everyone has the right to express their opinion, even if it is abusive or abusive. It is of all times (for example the Church) to prohibit opinions that do not fit into the stall. Only the discussion is dead make the same as the pressure does not get from the boiler. Look at the past, one always makes the same mistake. I do not agree so thou shalt be silent. The pressure that builds up will cause a much larger explosion. But one does not see it.


Everyone knows Orwell, or surely Big Brother.That series on TV. Orwell has made a whole oeuvre and several interesting statements. What do you think of this:

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed, everything else is public relations.” -George Orwell.

Advertisers pay the news media.How you turn it or turns, whose bread one eats, his word one speaks. In the 20th century, you still had a certain more where opinion of the facts were separated. Today, it is mostly opinions. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Nothing wrong with it, you can’t stop the technology. It used to be no better, it’s just different. If you read opinions everywhere, you should try to figure out facts by reading MULTIPLE news media. Both in their own country and abroad. I read BBC, CNN, FoxNews and some other media. Specifically for the US, CNN and Fox News are both political channels. Just compare (and just do it from today, don’t take my word for it, go on research myself):

  • The stories that CNN brings and Fox too.

Compare the details and conclusions.

  • The stories that Fox does bring and CNN don’t.
  • The stories that CNN does bring and Fox doesn’t.
  • That gives a much better picture of what is going on in the US than just reading what each time your opinion confirms (confirmation bias).Naturally, a man is looking for confirmation, it is only through trial and error that you learn to observe.

    “Thinking is difficult that is why most people judge.” Carl Jung.

    What was important to me, and was actually a kind of marker, was the prediction of who would become president in 2016.If you have a percentage next to it, OK. In Europe, all the newspapers unison were sure that Trump was not elected. Several commentators in the US gave Trump 2% chance. When he was elected, he was going to set up concentration camps (he’s a Nazi, right?), the fair would collapse, he would be dropped off because of as crazy as a revolving door plus, he would play along with arch-enemy Russia.

    Wait a moment

    Trump won.The fair did not collapse. The fair is now on an all-time high. North Korea has not started a nuclear war. Only the Europeans still want to work together with Iran (and really, you have to explain, what kind of democracy in Iran is in power). The US fights with China for power in AI (artificial intellability) and the EU is nowhere to be seen. Years, they have flowed into the EU on cheap and subsidized imports. But now all of a sudden they turn their cart, because we are all friends anyway?

    Is Trump a cool pear?Nope. But have you ever thought? Trump has built an empire, real estate in New York. Ever heard of organized crime? Any clown who does not know what he is doing or is careless ends for the hellepoort. Real estate is a world of sharks and even more sharks. Do you really think Trump hasn’t performed anything there? Have you followed the past presidential elections? Ross Perot? Reverend Jackson? All outsiders who were never a threat to the GOP or the Dems. Trump was not a real Republican but played the whole zahran of GOP families who kept the whole party under control home. And be sure that these families have taken everything out of the closet to cross Trump. Should I find Trump great and great because I think this has cost a lot of effort and insight? No, but this is exceptional that you can defeat the established order. Like the Clinton clan within the Dems are Bush and McCain (now the daughter) and contypes the established order within the GOP. That doesn’t just put you aside, whatever you think of Trump.

    It could not give me a ball who won in 2016. But there were some very important issues that I did not read in the European media.If you are in Europe and you are investing in the fair. And you let yourself be guided by the fear that the stock market crashes when Trump wins. Trump wins. It is your money that you bet on a collapsing scholarship. The stock market does not crash. That is to say that you are dependent on the correct information with your money. Then you have to lose the lost. Now calling for or against Clinton and for or against Trump, that’s so easy because nothing is fixed. If you would try this with the countries where the EU has such good ties, then you were no longer here to read it. That’s where your life is at stake. I have no respect for the parrots who read a national newspaper daily and but crook while the fair, for example, is a major gauge. Wall Street wolves and money, that’s even worse than real estate in New York. If the stock market peeps, that is an important signal. Whether it suits you well or not. Again, you can only make the right estimation of what happens when you can get the essence out of the contradictions. And you can’t do that if you call someone a silly, racist, clubby, sexist farmer. Then you are a warrior, not an observer. Like the stoicines say, observing means your own opinion of what is good and evil is to put away to look at what is in front of you. Why fight for or against Trump? Do you think Hillary or Trump will thank you? Or come to help if you get into trouble? Has anyone with anti-Trump opinions changed all the world? No, Trump is still there. The illusion that you can change the world while there are 7.7 billion snorkel gear running around this root ball, I call it a little unrealistic.

    Out of interest I’m starting to read about the how and why of Trump.The principles that Trump uses are universal. They were processed in a book by Cialdini (a deomcrat btw).The book is called “Influence” and is both a book for sellers as well as for marketing people.And politics is essentially marketing. In Marketing, facts are not important. The hyperbola is a commonly used term. Look, I’m a Pietje exactly as far as facts and details are concerned. But in the context of achieving something and certainly in a large country like the US, then it becomes purely marketing. What the Democrats did among others via Facebook, was what the Republicans did on Facebook. Some years ago at the IPO (on the Stock exchange) of Facebook, I laughed dead.Haha, social network site with some pictures sharing and stuff. I did not understand. Facebook is actually a platform that knows everything about you. What preferences, what political thrust, what you like and what is not. They also only show things you want to see. That gives pleasure and puts you on to be more active on Facebook. That makes advertising via Facebook hugely valuable. One can make very targeted advertisements. For products but also for politicians. Each party in each country with Facebook has influencers in service and advertises very focused with a well-chosen message to encourage voters to vote for them. That’s the business model of Facebook. Whatever you’re running and reverses.

    And the Russians?Well, if I were the Russians, I had to leak scandals to both parties, because my goal is not Trump or Hillary but the US and their politics in a bad light setting. Each enemy does so with his enemy. Conversely, the US will not fail to achieve their own goals through campaigns on Facebook and all other possible channels with all possible means. Then know that Russia is still the original enemy and remains. Someone who has something to do with Russia who has a high treason on his pants. There are plenty of not so official departments that are very adept at solving problems. Even the Republicans should not Trump, if this were true, Trump had long gone. Now, almost all of them are drawn to the same sea, made possible by the persistent democratic games that are played. I immediately say that the GOP just did the same with Obama and Clinton. In the hope that something remains sticking with baking mud thrown. So everyone gets the mud, not because I want to, but because that turns out to be human nature.


    Trump has many enemies, in politics and beyond.But two questions are important:

    • Do I have the right information to judge?

    And what do I lose?

  • What cases have happened that do not correspond to what is generally assumed?
  • Is that not an indication that needs to be investigated?

    Look, with Kavanaugh The Democrats have fought because it is a Republican. But mutatis mutandis, the Supreme Court is thus composed of Democrats and Republicans.Personally I find political designations corruption. But the Democrats have made it very clear what the public institutions are all about. When the Republicans are in power they place their pawns everywhere. And vice versa when the Democrats are in power. Look at Belgium, Fientje Moerman (not her real name, OpenVLD, must take as minister) has been appointed as judge at the Constitutional Court.

    Who thinks that there is a party somewhere in the world that has clean hands, which has to take a good look at itself.

    I can imagine badly that there are people who Trump no repulsion: stupid, extremely lying, even as a businessman dishonest, categorical accounts not paying, rassistic, women despicable and infidelity in his relationships.Are we doing everything? O No, he also has a laughable bad taste, Mar-A-Lago and now the White House has an interior resembling a gypsy caravan.

    The lack of any kind of vision and logic, and proud of it.You don’t make friends with that.

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