Why do so many people believe in the Big Bang and evolutionary theory?

The question, as it is asked, implies a subliminal fact: it is not so!And who thinks so? Creationists!

Of course, everyone can and must believe what they want, but it is not about faith.I expect a reasonable person to deal with facts, science is not a simple tool that I can put aside if it suits me.

The childish findings of these people is, it cannot be what must not be.They’re not stupid, but they’re boring. Completely drilled. And one of them will speak to me again. God has given it!

If something doesn’t fit into the stuff, and it may be obvious, then it is quickly switched off and argued with the good old Bible and old records.It’s funny that there’s nothing about it in the records of Jesus, but about humanity and mercy.

The abstinentity of scientific knowledge is also from a philosophical/religious point of view only children’s stuff.In this way, the God you want to prove and to whom one refers is only made small and human.But God, I suggest that there is such a thing, is surely more. Nothing more than what we can perceive and understand. He is certainly then an “everything in himself”.

If I doubt that there was a big bang or something like that – and that is (almost) provable – then I reduce God, who is above it.

What is the state of research and all its aspects?I’ve dealt with it and I advise everyone to do it. Sure, it’s hard, very hard, and I’m firmly convinced that despite all the mathematical models, few nuclear physicists and mathematicians have an idea of what this is supposed to represent outside of mathematics and where it leads.

But they don’t have to, they should think only logically and draw the right conclusions.Even if we present lytimen people cannot comprehend or understand them.

Who, please, can imagine a higher dimension as a being in -our dimension-?Ask for a theoretically existing being who knows only length and widthto imagine a “depth and height”.Probably such beings would have fomeln and could calculate everything….but understand? Should these beings now say: “interesting nonsense, that with “height and depth”, but that does not exist.

Surely there is nothing of this in the Bible!But when was it fixed in writing? What did people understand then?For them, everything had to be done to get it done.

What does the Big Bang do?That in the beginning was “NOTHING”? What is the Big Bang other than the separation of NOTHING and Being. Or of NOTHING and EVERYTHING. The creation or reorganization of operations. The other way of looking.

Nothing and ALL separated.With that, “something” was there. This little one was very simple structured (was it a superstring?) and continued to form. It sent out something: energy was released and could spread, The separation of light and dark; Day and night. The Big Bang from the first part of Genesis.

Matter formed, gases conceded, firmer bodies.Celestial Body: Suns and Planets. Part 2 of Genesis

I could carry this on with evolution……

Explain it to a man from 4,000 BC.in Sumer the cosmological processes in billions of years…… M I L L I A R D E N…….He can’t imagine that either. It’s more grippy to talk about 7 days (6+1 !!) and then pack everything in. but… I am coming back to God… it doesn’t matter if 7 days, 7 billion or 7 “whatever”. That’s everything, even time itself.

For me, there is no contradiction between religion and science, religion only has to use today’s science and not that which is 5 or 6 thousand years old.And then adapt them with what we still learn and understand… in other words, “access”.

And if the dear questioner knew all this, he would ask, “Warum did I ask this stupid unscientific, but also unreligious question at all?”

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