Why do so many people believe in God?

Most believe in God because of (1) their parents and their culture, (2) seeking meaning, (3) intellectual laziness (NOT because they are stupid per se :), (4) lack ofeducation, and finally (5) out ofnecessity.

  1. The vast majority of believers have their religion from their parents and/or theirculture.

Then they were just too lazy to look at other religions (or none at all). That is why there are relatively few who change their religion or turn away altogether.

  • People are looking for meaning that they seem to find inreligion.
  • However, it is not entirely clear to me why a moody God, whom no one really sees through, should make sense. The idea of paradise also seems to me to be a little unfinished, since there is no evidence for it, nor an idea of what should be good about spending eternity (among other things) with his in-laws (or even a moody god:)

  • Most people are too lazy to read their scriptures thoroughly and tap into their credibility.
  • Because they are comfortable and gullible, they simply believe everything without questioning the details. Ask a Christian if he believes everything in the Bible. If he says yes, ask him if he also believes in the (fire-breathing) dragons in the Bible (yes, exactly!).

  • Most people have no idea about naturalsciences, especially biology, to understand things like evolution.
  • Above all, Adam and Eve are the more convenient explanation for the origin of humanity.

  • Of course, there are highly educated AND religious people, but they are (globally) the exception.
  • The higher the education, the less religious peopleare.In other words, the longer they go to school, the less they go tochurch.

  • Religion is needed especially when people live in unstableconditions, i.e. are poor, are threatened by wars and violence, and are therefore dependent on the help of others (which the state or the community does not provide).
  • This favours the development and dissemination ofreligion.A recent study also shows that “watchdog gods” arise mainly in larger, anonymous societies, apparently because there is a greater need for social control.

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