Why do so many men of African descent leave their children? (It is not my intention to sow hatred!)

If I may turn your question into a grip on it: “Why do so many white men stay with their children?” Or, still a little further: “Is it ‘ natural ‘ that fathers stay with their children?”

There is no biological necessity for that.After fertilization, the man can leave very well, as is the case with many animals. When the pregnant woman is sufficiently embedded-think of safety, food-there is no reason for ‘ fatherhood ‘. The fact that this does happen has more to do with culture, economy, the accidental norms and values. Long time was the standard: the man worked outdoors. Often long days.

My grandfather worked six days a week.At four o’clock out of bed, around seven o’clock in the evening back home. On Sunday he went fishing. In between, he begat eleven children-grandmother was chronically pregnant. Grandma’s contribution to education was zero: he begat. There was one chair at home. Grandpa was the only one who sat at the table. Upon returning home, he fell asleep after eating as a block. And on Sunday at the family fish. He was therefore very useful for the family. Grandfather was born in 1885. Why he stayed with the family? There was someone who cooked for him, washed his clothes and he had some to fuck. That was his contribution.

In other cultures, they do things differently.The questioner is seemingly very normative: ‘ Fathers should stay with their families ‘, you could read. No so. Fathers have only since 1950, 1960 a role as educator. Before that they were like my grandfather. The contemporary white man is not the norm.

Are there any figures about the Dutch situation?Certainly because the Netherlands is not comparable to the US.

No fine, but this is everywhere.In Asia and Africa, you may notice the stories are more harrowing. There may be no alimony legislation and too little reason for birth control.

In Arab countries and Israel is separating not done.There it is more a separation from table and bed. Or a matter of multiple women with children. And the associated duty of care.

The truth is that if someone gets a chance to be happier with another, he or she goes.In the Netherlands separates 34% of the couples. How many unmarried couples are going apart with children is not known.

So I doubt your assumption.And not only whether this is African, but also whether this is so much for men. I do not think so. Some women prefer to feed the children alone, and there are also men who do this. In Africa and in the Netherlands.

As Niek Holtzappel pointed out in his reply, do you have figures about that show that this would be the case?

You can’t do a parallel with the situation in the US. A socio-economic data is that in the population groups with less income/less training separations and ‘ a woman with the children sit ‘ a lot more often occurs than in the social middle class and above it.

The second fact is that, especially in the (former) more racist states, many more colored people in the US live around the poverty line, than that whites do, and of those colored people, especially the people of African descent are more strongly represented.

In The Netherlands, this ‘ link ‘ to income/education and ethnicity is less significant.

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