Why do so many Americans hate Hillary Clinton?

Worst of all, their warmongering is.

When Bush wanted to attack Iraq, even though it had long been clear to most that the rumors of weapons of mass destruction were only media-savvy lies, there was a senator on the side of the Democrats who voted for Bush’s war of aggression and gave a long speech on it. to draw other “Democrats” to Bush’s side — Hillary Clinton.

And the Iraq war was not the only time – as foreign minister, she was largely responsible for attacking Syria and Libya.

After the Libyan war, in which thousands died and even more became homeless, someone also had the nerve to laugh at it and pretend there were no victims — “We came, we saw, he died.” “We came, we saw, he strab.” It wasn’t Trump or Bush, it was… Hillary Clinton.

There is a lot of talk about her emails (she ran a private email server instead of using the required government servers) and thus prevents people from using the Freedom of Information Act to find out what their government is actually doing. it has also violated safety regulations.For me and many others, this is not a big problem (but a problem that shows that Hillary Clinton and other politicians are above the law – if, for example, a military member leaves a secret file in the restaurant after a meal, he will most likely come for it. to prison. When Hillary Clinton mishandles secret files (sent through unencrypted channels, etc.), nothing happens) — but a distraction from the much bigger real problem: the content of these emails. If you read it, you can see, among other things, what the Libyan war was really about: Hillary Emails Reveal True Motives for Libya Intervention | Foreign Policy Journal — or that it has advocated bombing Libya’s civilian water supply (war crimes).

In the 2016 primaries (which determined who would run for the Democrats), things weren’t right.The finances were rigged for Clinton (Donna Brazile: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC), the superdelegates were on Clinton’s side without listening to other candidates, Clinton had the questions that were asked at the CNN debate in the Advance (and Sanders does not), etc.

In addition, there are a number of allegations of corruption, here are just a few examples:

Hillary Clinton cattle futures controversy – Wikipedia

Whitewater controversy – Wikipedia

1996 United States campaign finance controversy – Wikipedia

The Pardon of Marc Rich: How Hillary Clinton Served as the “Secret Weapon” for One of the Biggest Tax Cheats in American History

Moreover, it is never clear what she really wants — on most of the issues she has contradicted herself several times – depending on who has just listened.

If you look at how she voted as a senator and foreign minister, it’s clear that when it really comes down to it, she’s almost always on the side of the warmongers and big banks – no matter what she promised others before.

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