Why do similar developed countries with different vaccination schedules experience different percentages of autism?

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Also the schizophrenia percentages, depression percentages, dementia percentages, cup size percentages and football comb peonies vary from country to country.Has nothing to do with inocuities. And the Norweis are some blondhariger, Itialians some black hariger. And you know: has nothing to do with vaccinations.

There is one research ever published that described this conclusion.The author had been frauded.

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield (Eton, Berkshire, 1957) is a retired British physician who plays an important role in activism against vaccinations.Until he was removed from the physician’s register in 2010, he worked as a gastroenterologist (specialist in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract). In 1998, The Lancet published a research conducted by him on a link between colon inflammation and autism.

According to Wakefield, there was also a link between the BMR vaccine and autism.However, earlier and later investigations have shown that such links do not exist and that Wakefields conclusions were incorrect. It also revealed that there was scientific fraud, conflict of interest and profit.

In February 2004, journalist Brian Deer in The Sunday Times wrote that Wakefield had received 拢55,000 from lawyers who sought evidence to use against vaccine producers before he published his research in The Lancet.Some of the parents of children who had claimed that their children had received autism after BMR vaccination were found to be claimants in that case. This payment, which could cause a blending of interests, had not been reported by Wakefield to colleagues and the medical authorities. When the Lancet’s editors informed them, they stated that the original article should never have been published because the investigation showed serious defects. Wakefield defended himself by saying that the payment was for another, unpublished investigation. In 2006, The Sunday Times revealed that Wakefield had received a total of 拢435,643 plus expenses from lawyers.

Patent for competing vaccine

In November 2004, new accusations were made which could also be proved later.Wakefield had applied for an alternative vaccine before his publication in The Lancet patent. By discrediting the existing BMR vaccine, his patent would increase in value. In 2011 it was found that Wakefield had developed together with the father of one of the twelve investigated plans to set up a company that would earn medical tests for the purpose of processes against the medical world. The Washington Post reported that Wakefield provided a profit of $43 million on the sale of medical tests for the diagnosis of ‘ autistic entercoloitis ‘. The company would also be earning from the competing vaccine when confidence in the existing BMR vaccination would have been damaged.

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