Why do scientists believe that the universe has 10 or more dimensions?

This belief in multiple dimensions belongs to the string theory,which was born about 40 years ago.In our observable universe we live in three spatial dimensions and a time dimension – that is, 3 + 1.

The string theory is intended to replace the currently recognized General Field Theory (AFT).In the AFT we describe the universe in three spatial dimensions in which point-shaped objects (which are subject to Heisenberg’s blurring relation HUR) with each other and a ubiquitous scalar field (Higgs field) interact.Imagine that two points are approaching. At some point they should touch each other, but we can’t measure that, because of the HUR. In the current model, we also find an extremely large number of elementary particles, which is why the concept is often referred to as a particle zoo.By simplifying all these particles into a string, you wouldn’t have the problem anymore.

The string theory is used to avoid this “blur” by no longer treating elementary particles as dot-shaped, but as threads (strings).

String theory presupposes symmetry in all forces (which contradicts, for example, the very well established thermodynamics).

It provides a uniform description for all forces called supersymmetry.This theory would mean that in addition to the four dimensions, we would need more to be able to explain them:

  • Supersymmetry only works if the forces of fermions and bosons exist in octaves: 8 dimensions
  • 1 time dimension
  • By working no longer with particles but with strings, they would describe a surface in a special state: 2 dimensions

This results in a respectable 11 dimensionsthat have eluded us all the time, if the string theory should be true.Best but 23.

String theory is the scientific equivalent of faith in God.

You can’t check them because we can’t use enough energy to observe strings. All attempts to prove it or to find clues have failed. It contradicts the lawsof nature, which we have confirmed over and over again over and over again with enormous precision over decades.Einstein’s theory of relativity can be accurately predicted with frightening accuracy down to 15 decimal places.Thermodynamics is one of the most established descriptions of the movement of particles we have. And quantum mechanics is the basis for all modern technology such as smartphones or cameras.

The string theory is therefore not something to take for cash coin.It is a mathematical gimmick that has promised a lot, but has not made any progress even after 40 years. I believe in the 3+1 dimensions I can perceive.

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