Why do restaurant hamburgers taste so much better than the ones I make at home?

To do this, I would have to know how to make hamburgers.

Here are some tips:

  • Take only beef minced meat.

It is best not to be reduced in fat.(Fat is a flavour carrier.) It is best to be fresh from the butcher and not pre-packaged. A little tartare steak also makes a lot of difference. Even better: buy good meat and hunt yourself through the meat grinder.

  • Do not spare salt and pepper.
  • Many take too little salt. But it is best to salt the dumplings generously, but without salting the mett beforehand.

  • Let the meat reach room temperature before you fry it.
  • In the production of the dumplings you can use a blob of mayonnaise and possibly.
  • add a teaspoon of beef or vegetable broth powder. A few drops of Tabasco as well as Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce or a touch of soy sauce also help. Sometimes I take a bit of HP steak sauce instead. All reinforce the umami,which is important for hamburgers,and season it.(But it hardly needs really good meat.) The meat should be slightly spicy, but not overloaded.

  • Not everyone’s thing, but I like to take freshly squeezed garlic (a toe is enough) and squeeze it into the dumplings.
  • Take as little breadcrumbs as possible for the dumplings.
  • Best of all (but then they may fall.apart). If you take mayonnaise, you don’t need an egg and the fat from it helps to keep the meat juicy and the dumplings stable.

  • Press the meat not to dolle together.
  • It’s best to make the dumplings with your hands and shape them with them. If they are squeezed too much, the taste can develop worse.

  • When pressing, you press a large dent into the middle of the dumpling with a clenched fist.
  • This prevents the dumplings from swelling or pulling together.

  • The dumplings should be a little bigger than the buns, because they pull together when grilling or frying.
  • (You can press them easily from time to time with a pan turner to counteract this.)

  • Do not turn the dumplings too oftenwhen frying.
  • Otherwise they dry out. Ideally, turn only once.

  • Halve and toast the buns, especially the inside of them.
  • Take good buns from the baker (emperor’s roll or normal crust rolls are wonderful) and not the pre-packaged ones.

  • Take fresh side dishes 鈥?tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc.
  • As a rule of thumb, you can take a quarter of a pound per burger, so with 500g of meat you can make four dumplings.
  • If you want to experiment, vary the ingredients of the dumplings.
  • For example, sometimes I messen green pesto into the meat. Or make pizza burgers with mozzarella, tomato sauce and pepperoni sausage slices on ciabatta rolls.

  • A popular variant in the Midwest is the Juicy Lucy. [1 (Greetings to Thomas L. Johnson.) This is a burger where you prepare two very thin dumplings, on one you make cheddar cheese in the middle, the other comes on top and the edges are pressed together.
  • These cheese-meat dumplings are then fried as usual and served on rolls, often with caramelized onions or similar Heavenly. Here is a photo:

    Enjoy your meal!


    [1 Jucy Lucy – Wikipedia

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