Why do photons have an electric field?

The answer is much more complex than the question.Because it is certainly not asked about the charge of the object, but about the WIESO.

A photon is only a small part of what you use as an electrical orelectromagnetic field. But understanding this would not be possible if you had to use the standard model of physics, because the model does not describe WIESO. Thus, what I am describing now is certainly not the wisdom of the obsolete model of imagination.

A photon is a special marking of the room.This marking is what we understand as curvature of space. In doing so, a route or one dimension (X-axis) curved into another dimension (Y-axis). The curved is now on the Y axis and the distance of the X axis is shorter by the amount. But the curvature itself follows a circular function, which means that a radius determines the depth of this curvature. This is not clear and comprehensible for everyone, so I offer you a link for a 3D here. Model of differential geometry, where you can move the perspectives with the mouse and if you try to form the red circle there, then you see that a circle can be represented both as a sine wave and as a cosine arc.Nevertheless, it remains only a perspective of the course of a circular function. But if you don’t follow the link, you don’t need to read any more, because to understand why I draw a circle, it is essential to understand how the circle can also be a wave.

But the two ends of the horizontal black track of the X-axis will come ever closer, because the missing amount of curvature into the vertical red Y-axis will correspond to greater.And that Y-axis then represents the electromagnetic effect, whereby the X-axis then shows the gravitational effects.

So the electromagnetic is only the complement of gravity.

And the circle is for me sign-wise only a simplification of the circular function, whose radius determines the frequency (f) and which is then multiplied by the effect quantum (h), whereby in turn only the constant ratio of the volume of the sphere of action as formula E=hf.

That photon deprives the 3D plane of the entire global space around the amount that is curved to the 4D plane.

rolled. However, this also means that the already gravitationally shortened space is shortened several times if there are several photons in the room. You may also want to understand this as an overlay or just consider it as a general field of the environment. But the small limited part of the space of the object, quantum or photon itself, you have to differentiate, because that field of action is scaled completely differently from the field of its surroundings. The field of object action is scaled in a sinusoidal manner and is determined by the radius of the object and the environment field with 1/r2 is limited by the maximum size of the universe and the whole is ultimately limited by the smallest possible ratio of the number 1, which you also as any Planck unit.

In contrast to the field of the environment, the small field of the object has two different areas of effect, which bear negative and positive signs, as we know it from the sine.Because at the front in the direction of movement back to the center, the distances are shortened and from the center to further back, the distances are extended again.

At the front the tracks are eaten and spit out at the back, this process can be better seen in my last animation of the universe.

Each hemisphere represents a polarity. Therefore, the negative reddish-drawn half-wave is the first to encounter our antenna and the measurement result can then be seen on the oscilloscope as a sine curve.

In order to make the restrained character-wise more comprehensible, the animation here shows several photons directly one after the other like a continuous oscillation, nevertheless each photon has only a single cosine arc or.

a sine curve or helix, like the single photon of the previous animation.

Each object has an immediate field, which has a temporal / spatial orgravitational/electromagnetically limited effect that follows a circular function. The global environment does not immediately show such an effect, although the absolutely identical effects can be seen, but I describe this and much more in my blog so as not to have to repeat myself all the time.

But the global effect is the universe and this is only the sum of all the small effects, yet this large field has the same effects of the polarity of space and time as a positive half wave of expansion and as a negative of the still coming phase of contraction.

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