Why do people with ADHD rather become addicted to alcohol and drugs?

There are several reasons for this.There is a character trait and various development factors that can contribute to this.

Impulsive behavior occurs in almost anyone with ADHD.Risky behavior what other children avoid because of the adverse effects is not seen as fast as dangerous by children with ADHD because they first do and only start thinking.

Children with ADHD are more impulsive than children without ADHD and show by the lack of impulse control more often socially undesirable behavior.Thus they say faster things that other children do not appreciate or do others accidentally hurt by wild behavior. Children with ADHD are on average more often rejected and avoided and seek out children who feel misunderstood as well. In such groups are often children (including children with ADHD) who have parents who do not look so good on them, parents who themselves use drugs and/or alcohol and sometimes even the child is encouraged to drink. It is therefore relatively normal for this child and it occurs earlier that a boyfriend also comes into contact with use.

It can also be a way of rejecting the large group of people who have turned them down.At a certain age there is also a change of image with (mild) use: mainly drinking and smoking is associated with adulthood by adolescents and then it is suddenly tough to drink/smoke/use. Then children will start using it without any problems at home. The children with ADHD who have had a relatively good childhood and have been able to develop social skills will also use this faster if they did not, because of impulsiveness.

The search for status is to what I see in my area for people with ADHD have been an important reason to start using it.Although I also have ADHD myself, not using resources for me was just a reason to put me off against my family, but that’s not something I’ve encountered more often.

If you use the word 芒 鈧?艙eerder芒 鈧?(or any other equation) then it is also useful to mention with which you want to compare.In this case, do you want to compare ADHD ers with? People without mental diagnosis? People with depression? Dogs? Lampposts? Understand you well….

Let’s take the first look for the convenience…

Quora user is not that far apart.Alcohol and other drugs change the way you react to stimuli, stimuli. For people with ADHD, this can mean that they suffer much less from their irritations and are therefore much quieter, without having to take any extra medications. The use of drugs gives them a relaxed feeling.

And everyone wants to be relaxed anyway?

I have ADHD and am addicted.Happy to be 1.5 years clean. My head is chaos, quickly get irritated, poor concentration etc stimulating Drugs give me rest, I become calm and I can concentrate better. I have the idea then just to function normally like the average man. Disadvantage among other things is physical stres, tension. That I compensated with cannabis. It has to do with my dopamine/narepinephrine and some little dust retention. Nowadays find rest in meditation, good nutrition etc

In the brain is a disorder in the circuit, in the area of concentration.See it as two contacts where a stream has to go through. In people without ADHD ADD there comes the correct chemistry between the contacts and the streams can flow well to the other contact and remains constant. In people with ADHD ADD, the chemistry between the two contacts is not always good (sometimes called, Hyper focus) You imagine a loose contact, where the lamp turns on and off. In Some cases it is so if one adds a stimulator (Alcohol or other drugs, self medication) the contact becomes slightly better. So if one is not aware that he/she has ADHD ADD, and is going to use alcohol or other drugs and the circuit becomes better unconscious, Endorphin is released as a reward. This makes it in my opinion the reason that menen with ADHD/ADD are more susceptible to addiction

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