Why do people tend to believe psychopaths on Quora when psychopaths are inherently amazing manipulators?

translated from English…

Why do people believe the psychopaths on Quora?

  • They don’t know how subtly manipulative psychopaths are.

People are thrilled that psychopaths are so “pleasant” and seemingly “rational”. They therefore do not want to believe that they are being manipulated.

  • Psychopaths always mix enough truth in their lies and deceptions.
  • This makes their statements seem more plausible.

  • People are fascinated by subtle and twisted logic and the clever use of words for which psychopaths are notorious.
  • For example, “loyalty” could be twisted to “attachment,” and “conscience” could become “social program.” The “lack of emotions” of a psychopath could be equated with “rationality”. Psychopaths are highly irrational and sometimes have contradictory and illogical language patterns. In addition, they show bizarre behaviors, so they rise, for example. “just like that” from projects and simply mention “that”. Furthermore, they have a fairly narrow field of view. They are not able to see the consequences of their trade. They have a strong desire for crazy and risky things.

  • The reality of psychopaths is virtually incomprehensible to most people, as it is at odds with their existing worldview (cognitive dissonance).
  • One way to reduce cognitive dissonance is to downplay or ignore conflicting information. In this way, people record the easy-to-understand and reassuring narratives of psychopaths and trivialise or ignore unpleasant counter-facts. The harsh reality is that psychopaths among us are changing, in every profession and role (including psychiatry, psychology, medicine and politics), can rise to the top positions of economic and political power, into totalitarian states are responsible. They are therefore virtually undetectable and they manipulate everyone with their applied mask. Nor is there any way not to become the target of a psychopath. If the psychopath sees something that could be of value to him, such as. Money, sex, business relationships, credibility in our group etc, then he aspires to get it. This is an inconvenient truth about our own mental health, which we all want to believe that we would not be a target. Psychopathy is not a reality that we teach at school, and it is extremely worrying to learn about it. I am also deliberately exaggerating it.

  • Some people who post in this section of Quora in support of psychopaths wear “normal” or even “highly qualified” masks, but it is very clear that they are anything but normal.
  • Others reveal their psychological deviance only after posting comments that usually appear to be “greedy,” “intelligent” and “friendly,” but soon degenerate into twisted logic or mere insults. Usually they either delete their comments themselves or the moderators delete them. Such individuals encourage ordinary people to believe that psychopaths are “normal” and relatively “nice.”

  • In my experience, psychopaths and other pathologists try to expel anyone who uncovers their harsh and cold reality.
  • I have already received death threats. There were games with my contributions. They have been massively altered and provided with sometimes very nasty and integrity-infringing comments.

  • Psychopaths often work together to promote their “speaker,” to promote “highly qualified” individuals who are clearly not what they seem to be, and to eliminate perceived threats from “smear campaigns.”
  • They even “befriend” the naive and vulnerable in order to impose their malicious agenda through disinformation.

  • It is very dangerous to show feelings or to reveal too much about us when dealing with psychopaths, as this can be used as a weapon against us.
  • On Quora, I have to remain dispassionate and use facts to represent my case. In contrast, psychopaths can invent or embellish every part of their life story and experiences, and even pretend to have a semblance of emotion when it suits them.

  • Those who point to the reality of psychopaths cannot do so in a nice way and therefore seem “terrifying” and “annoying” to those who prefer not to know.
  • Few friends make the suggestion that a worldview does not accurately reflect reality. Many will double an old worldview with numerous posts and false arguments, because a new worldview is so frightening. In contrast, the psychopaths seem “friendly” and seemingly “threatening”. Because of their popularity, their disinformation in the Quora Digest is almost inevitably encouraged. Because it depends more on popularity than on accuracy and accuracy.

  • Psychopaths can find a quick and seemingly plausible answer within ten minutes.
  • Much more time, effort and research is needed to counter their deception and provide credible answers. This means that psychopaths can effortlessly flood the Quora world with their disinformation.

  • Psychopaths have no shame and will therefore pump out their disinformation and lies when they are “challenged.”
  • One of the characteristics of psychopaths is to pretend that nothing has happened. Even if one of their lies is picked up, they carry on as before. Their endless sea of disinformation is likely to displace those who have actually experienced (and are able to counteract their disinformation).

    It is important to mention that if we like a psychopath, we have already fallen for his manipulations.Because what we like is a completely different person.

    Psychopaths manipulate for many reasons, including power and control to escape boredom, and to entertain and thrill other people.And sometimes psychopaths lie and manipulate for no apparent reason.


    Psychopaths present themselves as sympathetic, open, honest and honest (a mask) to gain our trust while interfering with lies and subtle disinformation.They are manipulating us now. They also create doubt and confusion until we don’t know who or what to believe, and undermine and discredit those who see them as a threat (including professional scientists and support sites), with their subtle Allusions and suggestions (dirt campaigns).

    About 1% of the general population are psychopaths; 4% of the top company staff are psychopaths (“Company Psychopathy: Talking the Walk”, Babiak, Neumann and Hare).

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