Why do people say, “You can become anything you want” when it is known that this is not true?

A caterpillar can become a butterfly under favorable circumstances.
Under no circumstances does an elephant become a butterfly.

There are the natural limits of growth – even in a world that represents an economic model of perpetual growth.

The American Dream of a narcissist without limitation is to become “everything you/she wants.”One in 300 million actually manages to become US president (every four/eight years).
Americans (and Westerners) were trimmed, sworn to hold up their national dream of becoming very, very rich, very, very famous, or very, very important (outstanding).
Not even the 1% of anyone, given the 99% of no one, has achieved all three criteria at once.But the motto in a narcissistic normopathic addiction society of beautiful appearance is to becomesomeone.

Whoactually became president – after 1945 – soon got grey hair, notoriously too little sleep, and was allowed to join the ranks of war criminals who were not prosecuted under international state law.

  • “Rankism [rank abuse is contextual. In most cases, no matter how high you are in the rank ladder, we can find someone who holds a higher rank than us.

When the famous singer [… the President of the United States [visited the White House, I watched as each of these extraordinarily powerful and famous men felt increasingly insecure in the presence of the other, as they felt compared to the person they believed to be the To have shaken hands clearly felt like no one.”
Interview with Robert W. Fuller, Ph.D. (*1936) American Professor of Physics, College Dean, Dignityand Rankism Researcher, Speaker, Author, Standing Up to RANKISM [Rankism, presented by “More Than Money”, Dr.Pamela Gerloff, American Rankism and Dignity Researcher, Project on Civic Reflection, Co-author, Issue 35, March 2004

Fake it, until you make it.
Pretend it (until you’ve done it).
Live the appearance more than being.

This formula carries within itself the unwavering belief in the pretenses.This belief ostensibly “forces” the desired faster, higher, stronger Olympic victory.And indeed, one will win – and yet shortly afterwards will have to rise off the podium again.

Someone hasinternalized the three beliefs of the Wall Street stock market world, the concept of pride and narcissism:

  1. Image and immense wealth are the No. 1. […
    Nobody counts.

They can be overlooked and overlooked.

  • The creed is the free deregulated market economy.
  • [Fake philantrophy serves as a form of balancing.
  • Here a millionaire chats with a mechanic who has given him some depth: Dignity culture – Pride culture (film example)

    Black humorous truth about the “real owners”

    • “The real owners are the stinky, important businessmen.

    They control everything that goes on and make all the important decisions. You have cartridge.
    鈿?you belong to them.
    鈿?you own everything.
    鈿?you own the entire valuable land.
    鈿?you own and control the companies.
    鈿?You have long since bought and paid for the Senate, Congress, state governments, town halls.
    鈿?you have the judges in the back of your hands.
    鈿?And they own all the big media companies, so they control almost all the news and information you get to hear.
    鈾?you do not want citizens in the population who can think critically.They are against well-informed, well-educated people who can think critically.
    鈾?you want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to operate machines and do paperwork, but stupid enough to accept [their deteriorating situation without grumbling.”
    Audio presentation by George Carlin (1937-2008) controversial American stage comedian, social critic, actor, author, George Carlin’s Illuminati Speech [George Carlin’s Illuminati speech, taken from the program “The American” Dream”, (transcript), YouTube movie, minute 0:30, 3:14 minutes duration, discontinued January 17, 2012

    Some definitions

    • Someone – people whose human dignity is assured
      (Someone’s range of feelings: He is respected, encouraged, welcomed, valued, respected, belonging, respected, celebrated, exalted, loved.)
    • Nobody 鈥?people whose human dignity is not guaranteed or attacked
      (No man’s emotional palette: he is overlooked, discouraged, despised, degraded, disrespected, excluded, shamed, despised, humiliated, despised)
    • Rank [Ranking – the position taken within a hierarchy
    • Rankism [abuse of rank 鈥?an ismus at the individual level 鈥?abuse of office-related abuse of power in order to humiliate or exploit ranked subordinates (with less power) in a certain hierarchical structure, to humble, lack of respect for human dignity, proud people discriminate shamed no one
    • [PeopleDignity – Secure position within a system, appreciation, no exclusion
    • Humiliation 鈥?lack of appreciation, respect, bruising, violation of dignity, shame, attack, insult, demotion, humiliation
    • Ensuring [PeopleDignity – Dress a post so high that no one dares to threaten him
    • Politics of Dignity Culture – Pending [As of 2019
    • Isms at the class level 鈥?sexism, racism, class thinking, anti-Semitism, discrimination against gays, anti-ageing, disability

    Rankism and Humiliation – “Appreciation for All” – Robert W. Fuller

    See also: The Reversal of the Thinking Model Someone – Nobody – Social Enterprise Policy

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