Why do people in Singapore like to eat ice cream with bread?

There are no better matching products than regular bread and ice cream.

A Buzzfeed editor has tried to get angry about it and has basically beaten up the rest of the world who tried it.

(Similar to the chef who said Rendang wasn’t crispy)

This led to a riot among people here and in the region, who consider the humble ice cream sandwich bought by the street to be a time-honoured delicacy and the best there has been since sliced bread (as literally, because it is sliced bread to make it hold).

Of course, he had to apologize because he bowed to the pressure of online keyboard specifications (no doubt directing more visitors to his article).

What’s wrong with it?

It’s cheap

It is accessible to everyone anywhere in the region (or the world).

Why do we eat ice cream in this way?

The bread absorbs the melting ice so that it does not drip in sweltering weather.

Depending on your mood or availability, you can’t go wrong when ordering a product.

They are sold exclusively by ice sellers, usually by lively old men/couples with a motorcycle or even with a wheelbarrow, and are available at odd times.

To sum it up, its “GOOD GOOD”.

And no matter how many billions you have in your bank or just 1 US dollar in your pocket, it gives everyone an immeasurable amount of luck that you can only have if you have an ice cream sandwich / burger / hotdog … or whatever.

And there are many of us who can really afford this ice cream.

You will support these hard-working men/women who sell it.

Many of us simply spend 2 or 5 dollars or more when they buy “one”.I also support Uncle Jimmy. He will follow us a few times to give us back our change.

We love our ice cream sandwiches!

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